Two EWHS students arrested for racial slurs directed at classmates

Two Edmonds Woodway High School (EWHS) students were expelled Wednesday, Dec. 15 after they were arrested and charged with malicious harassment for allegedly making online threats to fellow students and EWHS, according to Edmonds city officials.

The two male suspects reportedly created a Facebook online chat group in August and posted “racially charged threats against African-American students,” according to a media release from the city. Officials said the online chat included comments on how the two suspects intended to kill one of the victims, one of which being “lynching.”

On Monday, Dec. 7 another student alerted EWHS administrators to the chat room, who in turn notified the victims and called the Edmonds Police Department. The Edmonds Police Department began an investigation and ESD officials emergency expelled both suspected students.

The two suspects appeared separately on Wednesday before Snohomish County Judge David Kurtz, according to the Snohomish District Court office. Court documents show that the two students meant for their comments to be taken as jokes.

At the hearings, both boy’s fathers said their sons had “done something stupid” and that they had taken away all electronics and social media. Kurtz set bail at $10,000 each, the Snohomish District Court office said.

Administrators at EWHS released a letter to students and families on Dec. 15 with information regarding the two suspects and the investigation.

The letter stated that during the past week EWHS administrators had been informed of “a school threat made over social media.” An investigation was conducted by the school and the Edmonds Police Department was notified immediately, the letter continued.

“Appropriate disciplinary and legal action” was taken by EWHS and police, according to the letter.

“We take all concerns about school safety seriously. Please remind students to let an adult know when they have concerns about school safety. This will help us keep [EWHS] a safe place for all students to learn and grow,” the letter read.

Following their suspension and arrest, the two suspects were booked into the Denny Youth Center. Malicious harassment is a Class C Felony in the state of Washington and if convicted the crime is punishable by up to five years’ imprisonment, a fine of up to $10,000, or both.