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A posed photo of Arabella Devera looking down at her work with a solemn face, holding a pen and listening to music. In the background, other students are blurred, also working on their own schoolwork.

The pressure of perfection and the disastrous consequences

By Arabella Devera, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Tempo November 28, 2022

If you are currently a student or have ever been one, then you are familiar with that feeling of success and accomplishment when you’ve aced a test or did well on an assignment, as you rightfully should...

Cartoon-style turkey looking inconspicuous.

It’s time to reconsider Thanksgiving’s shadowy past

By Lucas Barquin, Hawkeye Staff November 27, 2022

Americans are spending more and more on Thanksgiving each year. In 2021, nearly $1 billion was spent on Thanksgiving turkeys alone. It seems that everything nowadays is commercialized, and Thanksgiving...

A feathery pencil style sketch of a student wearing headphones and a mask.

Greater understanding needed for student accommodations

By Lucas Barquin, Hawkeye Staff November 27, 2022

With any problem, there always seems to be at least one solution. When it comes to student accommodations in school however, it seems like no one knows exactly how to tackle it. Often students are left...

Thankful? Nah. Let’s talk dislike

By Maggie O'Hara and Cecilia Negash November 24, 2022

Hey there Hawks, ‘tis November. The month for being thankful, and for being a colonist. Everyone had those assignments in elementary school relating to Thanksgiving somehow, from doing those weird hand...

School headshot photo of Spruce Elementary teacher Thea Klever.

The harrowing thoughts of an elementary school teacher

By Thea Klever September 10, 2022

I got the news while my kids were at recess, and my heart stopped. I walked outside to pick them up and was immediately swarmed with hugs and little hands that wanted to hold mine. 15 little voices started...

A magnifying glass over a stain, presumably of blood.

A mystery to uncover in every case

By Kaitlyn Miller, Op-Ed Editor September 10, 2022

The first cases I became aware of as a young kid were the shocking discoveries of people finding severed feet washed up onto beaches around the Salish Sea. When I was younger, these cases piqued my interest...

A portrait photo of new Assistant Principal Kathleen Daspit smiling with bushes and trees from outside of the school behind her.

Kathleen Daspit greets the year with a smile

By Kathleen Daspit, Assistant Principal September 9, 2022

Hello MTHS students and staff and welcome to our 2022-2023 school year.  It is another year for some, a new start at MTHS for others. Familiar or not, we all start each new year with new excitement,...

Your Big 6 gives a warm welcome to the new year

By Laraine Sims and Kim Banh September 9, 2022

President Laraine Sims Hey Hawks, it’s Laraine, your Big 6 President! The school year is coming upon us quickly and we are so excited to welcome our new and old students to MTHS. Even though our first...

Time to spread your hawk wings

By Maggie O'Hara and Cecilia Negash September 8, 2022

Freshman year. The beginning of a new saga. The time where you walk, stumble, trudge even into your new daily life for the next four years. All of a sudden you’re no longer surrounded by familiar faces...

The challenge with children

By Cecilia Negash, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Hawkeye June 16, 2022

Hello there, Hawks. Welcome back to your monthly letter from your co-editor-in-chief. You may notice that I am not the blind girl who, prior to me, would also come on here babbling about any nonsense that...

The fork in the road

By Ritika Khanal, Co-Editor-In-Chief May 31, 2022

It was an ordinary September night, and the house was quiet. Through the thin wall separating my brother’s room from mine, I could hear his gentle snores as he slept, and outside, the occasional car...

An image of a fish consuming another, smaller fish

A fish who fishes – atrocity of the sea

By Rachel Davis, Design Editor April 21, 2022

My initial focus when I began this series of factual pieces was to satisfy my hunger for ocean knowledge, and to give myself an opportunity to research parts of the Pacific Ocean and the creatures that...

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