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Get ready Terrace, it’s finally spring!

©HAWKEYE image credit: Charli Gilchrist
© HAWKEYE Charli Gilchrist

April is just around the corner. What’s so important about April, you might ask? 


“What’s so important about April!!?”

Oh, I’m so glad you asked! There’s April Fool’s Day, National Boba Day (on April 30, if you were wondering), and cherry blossom trees everywhere you look. Why are there cherry blossoms, you might be wondering? …

“Why are there cherry blossoms?!” 

Well, since our avid readers are so curious, it’s because it’s spring, of course! Even though spring officially begins on March 21, spring in the Pacific Northwest really begins in April instead. From April 3-7, students will be on their spring break. Free from homework, vocabulary words and due dates to wrap up the third quarter. And if the weather behaves the way we hope, we’ll have more sun and less stress! Unless you’re an AP student, then good luck. Moving on, April brings many new opportunities for students. For example, the one act play opens on April 28, there’s different sporting events throughout the month (as long as they don’t get rained out), Terrace Got Talent and the Spring Fling!

During the break, the possibilities are endless. You could take a walk around your block, go on a trip to Disneyland, or stare at your ceiling the entire week. What are Terrace students doing? All of that and more! This year, all of our bands are headed to Anaheim, California and doing a workshop for Disney.

“[I’m excited to] to travel out of state with my friends as well as play music for a new crowd, and the Disney workshop we get to do at the Imagination Campus,” junior Madi Beam said. 

Speaking of taking trips out of state, senior Jack Williams is also taking quite the flight, all the way to Nevada.

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“I’ve never properly been to Nevada before, so this is going to be a new experience for me. We plan on seeing the Hoover Dam, the Mob Museum, Omega Mart and a Penn & Teller show while we’re there. Obviously, I’m not old enough to gamble, so we won’t be hitting up any of the casinos,” Williams said. But as they say, whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Kidding, of course. 

With spring beginning so soon, it welcomes things like pollen, leading to runny noses and teary eyes.

“I sneeze a lot and it’s an inconvenience to have pollen all over the place,” sophomore Reyna Rodriguez said. Spring isn’t everybody’s favorite season, whether it’s because of allergies or not being a fan of the warmer weather. 

“My favorite season is winter. I just really like the cold weather,” sophomore Mia Smith said. 

Despite some people preferring the cold, others look forward to the sun returning and clouds disappearing. 

“The sun starts to appear regularly and it warms up, and I’m just in a better mood because I struggle with seasonal depression and I start to feel better in spring,” Beam said. 

Spring brings plenty of others excitement as well.

“I do like spring. I like the temperature and my birthday’s in spring so I like it,” freshman Cenai Kidane said. 

Others also look forward to the season because of the beautiful scenery, as it makes the milieu of bustling, gray Seattle less chaotic. 

“I think spring is great, my favorite part is the trees, just because the colors look nice and the weather is great too,” Smith said. 

Ah, spring. The bright sun in the sky while it’s still only 45 degrees out. It’s magical, really. But, what’s more perfect than going out and getting fresh air? Rodriguez hopes to spend time with her friends during the week-long break. 

“I’ll probably work most of spring break, but I’m hoping to maybe have a picnic with friends or do something outdoorsy like a hike,” she said. 

Seniors are quite busy around this time of year. College commitments, graduation quickly chasing their tails; some are worried about all of the change, but others are excitedly anticipating the day they graduate.

“I do enjoy spring, because for me, it means that another school year is coming to an end, meaning I’m one step closer to graduating,” Williams said. “It also means that summer is around the corner, which allows me more time to do relaxing things like sit outside in the warm sun and read a science fiction novel that I’ve been wanting to explore.”

What else adds to a perfect spring day? A perfect spring playlist!

Some of the song recommendations from Terrace students include Spring Affair by Donna Summer, Beekeeper’s Daughter by The All American Rejects, Alrighty Aphrodite by Peach Pit, Strawberry Fields Forever by the Beatles, Taylor Swift’s Fearless album, Boyfriend by Big Time Rush and Lowercase by Landon Conrath, all found on the playlists of Edmonds School District students. There’s nothing that could make taking a stroll, reading a book or screaming at video games better than a song to get you excited and ready for  the day.

Nevertheless, no matter how you feel about the weather or how you decide to spend your spring break, we still have to come back on April 10 at 7 a.m. Sorry, folks. 

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