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The student news site of Mountlake Terrace High School in Mountlake Terrace, Washington.

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Performances by bands of every age at Quad Concert

On Tuesday, March 6, MTHS hosted their 29th annual band Quad Concert, consisting of sixth graders, middle schoolers, MTHS’ Symphonic Band, Chamber Winds and jazz band.

The combination of the multiple grade levels led to a beautiful sequence of beginners and  experts playing different songs. It helped the younger students see where they can go and it showed older students where they once were.

“The elementary and middle schoolers played surprisingly well,” sophomore Ethan Chao said. “The songs played by the sixth graders gave me nostalgic feelings.”

The sixth graders played a song many people would recognize from elementary school, “Galactic Episode.” This song with a science fiction theme was remembered by many as a classic band song that most were required to play in elementary.

“I was surprised with middle school,” junior Glaxton Joseph said, “they played really good.”

The middle school band surprised other band students with their spectacular display of musical skill, playing songs similar to that of the high school band.

When it came time for the high school band to play, there was surprise among the audience with the song choice of “Mazama,” a nature and folk themed song with sounds from a rainforest were included, such as the sound of rushing water and replications of the wind using flutes. Due to the amazing recreation of nature using instruments, the audience was amazed.

“It almost had a story, even if you didn’t know what the specific thing is you can follow the journey as a whole,” band director Darin Faul said.

The MTHS jazz band played last, performing “Harlem Congo,” a loud and fun song with multiple solos from different instruments. One solo that stood out was the drum solo, a chaotic but amazing performance in which sophomore Josh Setala and junior Kieran Faris “fought” over the single drum set, each playing different tunes that blended together in the end.

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According to Faul, the shared drum solo began as just an accident. Originally there were two drum sets but when going to a gig, the band forgot the second drum set and just decided to have the drummers switch between each other on a single drum set.

“It kind of came about naturally,” Faul described it.

At the end of the night all of the bands played the “Transformers Theme Song” as a finale, bringing together all different skill levels and ages to harmonize together as one.

“The elementary was great, the middle was really great and all of our stuff went off,” Faul said.

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