Oak Harbor Wildcats overcome Terrace resistance at home

The Hawks finish their timeout by huddling up and uniting the team.

Th Hawks gave the Oak Harbor Wildcats a grueling fight last night, trading points back and forth for the majority of the each game, but couldn’t close it out in crucial situations. Hawks lost the match, 3-1.

The Hawks, winless thus far this season, were hungry for a victory on their home court. The first game set the tone for the rest of the match, with the Hawks giving the Wildcats a run for their money, but ultimately losing at 25-21. The second game was the same story, although the Hawks were on the winning side this time. They won 25-21 to keep the match score at 1-1.

The next game was crucial in the Hawks’ loss to Oak Harbor. Although positive with smiles on their faces, they let the Wildcats go score unmolested, ending the game with 11 points.

The Hawks, going into the next game battered but not beaten, get their spirits high again and continue the pattern evident throughout the match, trading points yet lagging behind by only a small deficit, however they were unable to come back and lost 25-21 yet again, ending the match with a score of 3-1. Although the score tells a story of a fairly decisive victory for Oak Harbor, the match never felt that way, as a comeback was never too far out of reach for the Hawks.

Lauren Miller and Liya Ewing, both seniors on the squad, shared the same sentiment.

“We didn’t get down on each other. We stayed up the whole time,” said Miller.

“We always just had that drive to win. From the start, we wanted it, and even if after each match we lost, we still pumped each other up and motivated each other to get that win,” Ewing expressed. Both seniors felt that the positivity of the team was something the team did well.

The Hawks play the Edmonds Woodway Warriors at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 27. This will be the last game in the Hawks’ season.