Hawks fail to play as a team, losing streak extends to seven

The Hawks hosted the Shorecrest Scots Thursday night in the Terraceum. Though the Hawks had a lot of momentum, they couldn’t capitalize and ended up losing the match, 3-1.

In the first game, the Shorecrest Scots simply looked better than the Hawks. They were able to save every ball, set up teammates well, and overall dominated the Hawks. They led the entire way until finally winning the first game, 25-13.

The Scots came out with the same fire that they had in the first game and went out to a huge lead of 20-13. Down but out, something set off the Hawks as they went on a huge 9-0 to not only bring the game back, but also take the lead.

Though the Scots were shocked, they quickly regained their poise. The Hawks and the Scots then engaged in a back and forth affair leading the game into extended time. The Hawks outlasted the Scots and won the game 28-26, tying the match with a score of 1-1.

The Hawks carried the momentum that they gained from the previous game over into the third game early, giving them a lead of 6-3.

ust like the Hawks did previously, the Scots went on a huge run and stunned the Hawks to rout them 25-21, giving them the lead again of 2-1 in the match.

“Winning the second game really pumped us up, but we let our mental game get to us. Losing that, I think, will help us work harder and to learn how to pump ourselves back up,” senior middle Gabby Joudi said

“It’s always crushing to lose a game after you’ve just won a game,” senior middle Emily Eich said. “We just started playing too timid, and we need to start to go all out every single play.”

Just like most of the other games this season, the Hawks were down with their backs against the wall. They needed a win to stay alive, but they came out looking gassed. The Scots easily went on to win 25-13, and won the match 3-1.

This marked the seventh straight loss of the season, and the Hawks advanced to an overall record of 1-8. They are ranked second to last, ranked only over the last place and winless Marysville-Getchell Chargers. To put it simply, the Hawks are frustrated.

“I know a lot of people are frustrated and we don’t play with each other,” Joudi said. “We’re frustrated with ourselves, which all comes back to working as a team and being positive with each other.”

Though the Hawks’ record points to them being a lackluster team, the coach thinks otherwise.

“When they can play their ability and get [their mistakes] out of their heads I think they can play amazing, but sometimes they do a little mind trick on themselves and that just builds,” Coach Marietta Snyder said. “This game is 80 percents mental, and this season, we have been totally mental. It’s not like these teams are beating us by them beating us. We are just struggling to get our heads out of our [expletive]. I’m really stumped on what to do. The solution has to come from the players.”

Though the hope and dream of making the playoffs for this team is over, it seems like the Hawks haven’t given up on the season yet.

“It’s disappointing, but at this point we need to focus on winning all the games that we can and just coming together as a team,” Eich said.

The Hawks have four games left on their schedule. The next one will be at home against the Meadowdale Mavericks at 7:00 p.m. in the Terraceum.