Hawks lose close match to Everett Seagulls, 1-3

Cockbain challenges a Seagull player for the ball.

The Hawks women’s soccer team fell short to the Everett Seagulls 1-3 in Wednesday’s exciting game that went down to the last minute. Although the Hawks fought hard, it just wasn’t enough to take down the Seagulls.


The Hawks started off slow and struggled to even score a goal in the entire first half. There wasn’t much defense from the Hawks either, with the Seagulls scoring early in the first half and then again in first half stoppage time.


“We definitely are the better team on an average day,” head coach Evan Hatch said. “They were better because they chose to work harder during the first half.”


The second half started off a little stronger for the Hawks with a penalty kick made by senior defender Mckenna Hunt, drawing the Hawks closer with a score of 1-2 with still plenty of time left in the game for a comeback.


Hunt’s goal sparked the Hawks for the rest of the second half with many shots on goal, but luck was not on the Hawk’s side as none of the shots went  in.


Things began to become dimmer and dimmer by the minute for the Hawks as the clock ran down.

With only eight minutes left the Seagulls delivered a crushing blow to the Hawks when a Seagull player scored a long goal to put the hawks down by two.


Even being down two late in the game, the Hawks fought hard but unfortunately couldn’t rally anything together to beat the Seagulls and the game ended with a final score for the Hawks of 1-3.


“It’s something that we have struggled with all year long, slow starts,” head coach Evan Hatch said. “If we can figure out how to solve that problem of starting slow, I think we are going to do really well this season and do well going into the playoffs. In the second half we didn’t start slow and I thought we looked really good.”


The Hawks have an overall record of 4-4-2 and have a tough game ahead of them against the Stanwood Spartans.


The Hawk’s next game is at Stanwood High School, on Thursday Oct. 9 at 6:30pm.