Two students arrested for robbing a nearby residence

By Alyssa Vallester

Two male students were arrested on Oct. 2 by the Mountlake Terrace Police as they were suspects in a residential robbery that took place on Oct. 1 during school hours.

Principal Greg Schwab gave a full account of the incident stating that during a morning class, the two students were suspected of breaking into a house next to the school. The homeowners then notified the police and there were witnesses that saw the suspects running away. The students were caught on security cameras.

Both students were “emergency expelled” from the school.

“An emergency expulsion is what we do when we need to do an investigation. It’s temporary. It’s open ended, so there is no ‘end date.’ It gives us the time we need to do an investigation and it’s also something we do when we have a reason to be concerned for safety,” Schwab said. “We remove students from school on emergency expulsion while we investigate and ensure that everyone is safe. What we’re waiting to see is what the outcome of the police investigation is, and that will then determine what we do with them for final discipline. Right now they are out of school and will remain out of school until we know what happens next.”