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The student news site of Mountlake Terrace High School in Mountlake Terrace, Washington.

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February News Update

A lot happens in a month. From fashion to finance, we are constantly bombarded by headlines from around the world. Here are the Hawkeye’s picks for what you need to know to be well-informed.


Meadowdale Elementary Shut Down After Water Damage

Image Courtesy Edmonds School District

By Adrian Subaykan

Entering the third week of January, the Edmonds School District experienced some of its lowest temperatures in years. The weekend of the 13th, Meadowdale Elementary’s pipes burst due to the freezing temperatures. At 15°F, well below freezing, the pipes bursting caused significant water damage. On January 19th, the students had a chance to retrieve materials to proceed with remote learning for some time. Staff planned to relocate on the 30th to Woodway Center, with their usual schedules, until the damages are repaired.

While accommodations are being made for all students, teachers have run into a lack of supplies due to the majority of the classrooms left flooded. Andi Nozfiger-Meadows, president of the Edmonds Education Association (EEA), sent out an email to those in the EEA. The email stated that helping provide Meadowdale Elementary teachers gift cards for Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Fred Meyers, would allow those to obtain the supplies they now need.

©Hawkeye Image credit: Madeline Simkowiak

Lynnwood Ice Center Recieves New Skates

By Madeline Simkowiak

The Lynnwood Ice Center is one of our oldest local ice rinks, and it has been around for over 30 years. They offer public skate sessions, stick and puck sessions, and even lessons to learn to skate. It is both a fun and community oriented place, but their rental shoes were outdated. That was, until recently when they got a complete new set of skates. The LIC now has both hockey skates and figure skates that are now much easier to lace up, much more comfortable, and have a slick design.

Ian Armstrong, the general manager of the Washington Ice Skating Association (WISA), says that they “purchased new skates in an effort to make them more comfortable for the public.” They also stated that, “We knew that a more comfortable skate would produce a better experience for the skaters and bring more business to the facility.” Considering the colder months are when most people decide to go ice skating, this makes a lot of sense.

So, was this choice in the best interest of the Lynnwood Ice Center? Well, comparing the old and newer skates, it is clear that the new ones have a better feel, more adjustable fit, and a “cutting edge” design.

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©Hawkeye Image credit: Charli Gilchrist

Kansas City Chiefs Win Super Bowl 58 over 49ers

By Evan Kerani

The Kansas City Chiefs won the superbowl over the San Francisco 49ers in a thrilling overtime win. They were able to capitalize on several mistakes made by the 49ers special teams in their victory. With under 2 minutes left in regulation, the 49ers scored a field goal to go up by three, however, the Chiefs were able to march down the field and take the game into overtime on a field goal by kicker Harrison Butker. In overtime, the 49ers struck first by scoring a field goal, but the Chiefs were able to put the game away with a touchdown as the overtime clock an out.




©Hawkeye Image credit: Charli Gilchrist

Coalition Air Strike Launched Against Houthi Rebels

By Jakob Nacanaynay

Following several months of attacks against vessels in the Red Sea perpetrated by Iran-backed Houthi rebels, U.S. and UK forces with support from other countries launched an airstrike against various targets in Yemen, including missile sites and storage units, on Jan. 11. In a letter to President Biden by 27 House members, the attacks were characterized as having violated the Constitution and U.S. statute for lacking Congressional authorization. The Constitution grants Congress the power to declare war, but the President, as Command in Chief, may deploy military forces under a national emergency.

In a statement following the attack, President Biden said, “I will not hesitate to direct further measures to protect our people and the free flow of international commerce as necessary.”

U.S. Launches Air Assaut on Targets in Syria and Iraq

©Hawkeye Image credit: Charli Gilchrist

By Jakob Nacanaynay

The U.S. military launched an air assault against Iran-backed militias in Syria and Iraq on Feb. 2. This comes in response to the deaths of three U.S. troops and over 30 wounded from a drone strike on a U.S. base in Jordan — the first deaths of U.S. troopers since the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks. Targets included command and control centers plus storage units holding missiles, rockets, and munitions belonging to militia groups. Iran has denied involvement.

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About the Contributors
Madeline Simkowiak
Madeline Simkowiak, Hawkeye Staff
Evan Kerani
Evan Kerani, Sports Editor
Evan Kerani is a reporter for HSM who joined after being coerced into joining by Vince DeMiero. He hopes that through HSM he will become a better writer and gain journalistic experience. In his free time, he enjoys arguing with people on the internet (and in real life) about politics and also enjoys writing poetry. He also enjoys reading mainly non-fiction books about a variety of topics. After high school he plans to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison and study political science.
Adrian Subaykan
Adrian Subaykan, Hawkeye Staff
Adrian Subaykan (he/she) is a junior this year at MTHS and this is his second year in Hawkeye. He hopes to take this opportunity to advocate for students like him who are queer and/or people of color. Hawkeye has helped him advance his writing skills and express opinions, not just on news topics but general media. She loves reading comic books, watching terrible comedy movies, and listening to music. Her favorite comic book is Invincible, and absolutely adores the adaptation as well. One of his favorite bad movies is Not Another Teen Movie. He enjoys a lot of indie and rap music. Some of his favorite artists are Frank Sinatra, Joji, TV Girl, Tears for Fears and many others!
Jakob Nacanaynay
Jakob Nacanaynay, Hawkeye Staff
Jakob Nacanaynay initially joined HSM to be more involved in the MTHS community and express his opinions. As a member of HSM, he most enjoys learning about different perspectives that stray from the mainstream. Jakob is also an officer of the TSA club, participating in events from video game design to debate. He also enjoys competing in cybersecurity competitions with friends. While he has a wide range of interests, he finds the communication and organization skills learned in journalism transfer well. After high school, he plans on attending a major university to study cybersecurity.
Charli Gilchrist
Charli Gilchrist, Graphics Editor
Charli Gilchrist joined HSM to learn more about journalism and continue from where they had left off in journalism from middle school. They have no specific role but hope to help out the paper with graphic design as much as they can. In their free time, they usually enjoy studying clouds, listening to music, and scrolling through Pinterest. They plan on going to a university of the arts after graduation, but for now they can enjoy contributing to the school paper.
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