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The student news site of Mountlake Terrace High School in Mountlake Terrace, Washington.

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The student news site of Mountlake Terrace High School in Mountlake Terrace, Washington.

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Much to get excited about in the world of gaming

©HAWKEYE image credit: Dewey Jones


The biggest upcoming game on SEGA’s agenda is “Sonic Frontiers,” releasing on Nov. 8. From what was shown in the trailers and responses from playtesters, the game will be setting a new standard for future 3D Sonic games, similar to how “Sonic Mania” set a new standard for the 2D games.

The game features fast-paced gameplay in an open-world environment with enemies, events and bosses populating it. A recent gameplay trailer showed off a colossal boss that basic Sonic can’t even put a dent into, so Sonic calls upon the chaos emeralds’ power to transform into Super Sonic. From this, it appears that some bosses can only be fought with Super Sonic.

The game is the first open-world Sonic game, which allows for different gameplay styles and unique enemy combat, such as having to run along a ramp and react to obstacles to reach the enemy and hit it. Plus, the smaller enemy combat requires you to run loops around the enemy while avoiding attacks to deal damage.

While the game is looking to many fans like it could be a recovery from the past 3D Sonic games, there are many who are hesitant to hope for a great game, as “Sonic Forces,” “Sonic 06,” and “Sonic Boom” all seemed like they’d be excellent games, but turned out to be received at least somewhat negatively.


As one of the biggest gaming companies in the business right now, Nintendo always has a large list of games that people are anxiously awaiting. Here are some highlights: 

“Mario & Rabbids: Sparks of Hope” is the unexpected sequel to a crossover between Mario and the chaotic and funny characters from the Rabbids franchise. It was unexpectedly a strategy game, and many players enjoyed it. The sequel to this unusual crossover seems to have more freedom when it comes to moving around the overworld and moving around during battles. The game also appears to use a different combat style due to more freedom while moving. Even though it was an unexpected sequel, if you enjoyed the original, there’s a good chance you’ll like this one.

In other Nintendo news, “Pokemon Scarlet” and “Pokemon Violet,” taking place in the Paldea region and releasing on Nov. 18, has been steadily getting announcements and new Pokemon reveals. It already boasts 16 new Pokemon and a cast of charming new characters. Players begin the game by choosing their starter Pokemon, from the grass cat Sprigatito, the fire croc Fuecoco or the water duck Quaxly. You start the story as a student at the Pokemon school, a central location in the region.

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After choosing a starter, players can choose from three different journeys to go on while catching Pokemon. You can go on the traditional journey, fighting through the eight gyms to reach the Pokemon league and become the champion. You can also assist another trainer in looking for a rare ingredient guarded by a titan Pokemon. If neither of the other journeys sound intriguing, you can help defeat a large team of rebellious students known as team star, as well as their powerful leaders.


On Oct. 4, Blizzard released the sequel to their widely enjoyed team-based shooter game “Overwatch,” called “Overwatch 2.” Back when “Overwatch 2” was announced, it was said to be cross-playable with the original “Overwatch,” having it mainly be a slightly better version where the main draw was the story mode, something that the original lacked bar a few seasonal events. So while “Overwatch” still had cross-play and shared some skins with its sequel, “Overwatch 2” was regarded as the superior game. After a while, new modes and characters were announced, but along with these announcements, Blizzard also revealed that “Overwatch” servers would be shutting down. While an upsetting revelation for many players, skins and currency will be passed over to “Overwatch 2” accounts.

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