The future in store

By Andy Shaw, ASB Public Relations Officer

Seniors. We love some, we dislike some, but no matter how you feel about them, a piece of you and MTHS is lost when they graduate. In the spirit of graduation, I decided to interview Aarthi Yogendran, Hani Nakkour and Judy Tran, a couple of seniors who represent the MTHS community well. Each one has been in a leadership role here at MTHS, such as Hani being ASB president, Aarthi being Senior Class President and Judy being DECA and NHS president.

Some tips they had for incoming seniors is to get out of the mindset of “I’m ready to leave” because it will happen and that you should take the time to appreciate those you love here such as friends and staff. They emphasized the fact that senior year is the time to spend time with those you love and to not be afraid to check up on them or give them hugs.

Some tips they had for people at MTHS in general is to get involved. Find a home here at MTHS because there is so many opportunities here and don’t do anything that could ruin your chances at a good college. Not only is joining a club fun, but it gives you and advisor for you to talk to and if you find something you love it will make your high school experience better. You should also make connections with janitors and teachers, as janitors let you into classrooms and teachers could be the greatest people you ever meet because they can give some much more than just help with their curriculum.

Finally, I gave each senior a chance at a last word for the students at MTHS.

Hani: “Thanking the school, the individuals who have supported me and the administrators wouldn’t be enough because the amount of knowledge and experiences that have been instilled in me over the past 4 years by them have completely changed my character and I would also thank the student body for being so open and caring for one another because being ASB president for the 2016-17 school year allowed me to realize how connective the school is as a whole although there are many sub groups with clubs. Although high school is a process consuming only 4 years of my life, it is something that will influence many of my decisions and experiences for years to come”

Aarthi: “I don’t think I could ever express the amount of gratitude I have towards the people who have been apart of my journey up to now. There have been numerous staff members and students who have made my experience amazing and who have helped me grow into who I am today. I couldn’t be more thankful for all the love and support I’ve received. If I could emphasize anything, it would be to be kind towards everyone you meet as well as build and appreciate the relationships you create.”

Judy: ”If I had to name every single person who has helped me grow these past four years, it would take up this entire article… I’d like to truly thank everyone who helped me believe in myself, pushed me to be better, told me a joke when I was feeling down, and held my hand as they led me out of my comfort zone. Mountlake Terrace is an amazing school with wonderful people and I’ll always be proud to call myself a Hawk!”