Welcome back, Hawks!

By Vivian Tran

What’s up Hawks! Summer has come to an end, but I hope everyone had an amazing summer! There are so many exciting things coming up this year and I can’t wait to see everyone’s energy. One of my favorite things coming up is our Welcome Back Assembly on September 13.  Football games are also another fun, energetic and thrilling thing that I am very excited for! I can’t wait to see your spirit, all the new faces on the bleachers, pep band and more! 

Class of 2023 is finally coming to MTHS, and I can’t wait to see the many things you will do for Terrace! As an incoming freshman, don’t be afraid to ask for help from upperclassmen! Try out new things like sports and clubs, and always make sure you have a fun time in high school. Don’t forget to dress up for spirit days or any assemblies and sports games! Another thing to remember is to just be yourself! Additionally, while having fun exploring new interests, you should always make sure you have time for your homework. If you need any help there is always tutoring in the library and at Study Hawks! 

When I was a freshman, I was very shy and awkward. However, I soon decided to explore more activities like Key Club, ASB, basketball, tennis and more. I met so many different people and it made me meet great new friends! You’re going to be here for four years, so why not make your high school experience fun and interesting! 

The first two months are going to be very hectic and eventful. Starting off with the first month of school, we have freshman elections on September 18. The next month is all about Homecoming and poster painting. Big 6 has so many things we are super excited to share, so make sure to keep up with the information and events! For social media, follow @mountlaketerracehs on Instagram to see reminders of events and other things! We also have Twitter, @TerraceNation, so be sure to follow us! 

I hope you guys are as excited as I am to see so many new faces and to see more spirit! I wish you guys good luck on the first few months of school and hope you have a lot of fun throughout the year! You can always contact me at my email, [email protected], or come up and talk to me in the halls! Thank you and have an amazing school year Hawks!