Former student charged with third-degree rape

Snohomish County prosecutors charged a former MTHS 17-year-old male student with third-degree rape, a felony, earlier this week for a sexual assault that occurred on campus in January. (See related story).

On Tuesday, the boy was charged by Snohomish County Deputy prosecutor Randy Yates.

According to Yates, the male suspect engaged in sexual intercourse with the female student without her consent.

Principal Greg Schwab said the prosecutor felt he had sufficient evidence collected from MTHS in order to charge the suspect with third-degree rape.

On Friday January 7, a male student was emergency expelled and arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a female student on the MTHS campus.

According to the court report, the female student knew the suspect well. The suspect is accused of pushing her into a hidden alcove at the end of a first floor hallway and assaulting her. The attack took place in the late afternoon of Jan. 7.

Schwab also said this incident has encouraged the MTHS administration to take a “harder look at security” and have staff present at school until 4:30 p.m., when the activity bus leaves.

“[We] want someone who is here and watching the students,” Schwab said.

Neither the male suspect nor the female victim currently attend MTHS.

The Hawkeye will continue to update this story as information comes in.