UPDATE: Former student charged with third-degree rape


The former MTHS student who was emergency expelled in January (see below) under suspicion of sexual assault has been formally charged with third-degree rape – a felony – by Snohomish County prosecutors, according to court papers. The 17-year-old male is being charged as a juvenile and is expected to be arraigned later this month.

School, district and county officials were unavailable for comment on the weekend, but the Hawkeye will follow up on this story early next week.

12 JANUARY 2016

A male student has been emergency expelled after he was arrested Friday under suspicion that he sexually assaulted a female student on campus around 4:15 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 7, according to Principal Greg Schwab.

According to Schwab, the male student was arrested during school on Friday and emergency expelled. He said that the emergency expulsion is a temporary disciplinary measure made for safety reasons and school officials will decide on final disciplinary action after the police provide additional information. The assault reportedly took place in a corner of a first floor hallway.

“School disciplinary actions are not dependent on police actions, but information from the police would be helpful before we decide on discipline,” Schwab said.

While Schwab said that MTHS is a safe place, he also said this incident has shaken the school community’s sense of safety.

“Nothing like this has ever happened before. We are a safe school, and it’s hard to predict when these random things are going to happen,” Schwab said.

The question he said MTHS staff are going to have to closely consider is whether the assault could have been prevented. This Thursday Schwab will be meeting with coaches and advisors to talk about the importance of supervision during after-school activities. He said he has been thinking about the situation through a “lens of safety.”

“This incident highlights the need to be vigilant about security and supervision,” Schwab said.

In a letter sent home with students and posted on the MTHS website, Schwab said that counseling staff will be available to assist and support students and parents in discussing any questions regarding the assault.

Schwab said that the confidentiality of the students’ identities and personal information is being protected because both students are minors.