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MTHS and Meadowdale theatre sports teams combine for comedic scrimmage

Although it was technically a practice session, the performance put on by the MTHS and Meadowdale High School theatre sports teams had the audience rolling with laughter. The event was hosted on Friday, Jan. 8 in the MTHS theatre. It was a relaxed competition with no official judges that mixed and matched the two schools together. The two schools were split into two teams, team one and team two and they soon began their brief warm up of ¨Blind Freeze Tag¨.

After the warm up, they got the first challenge of the night, the game was called ¨ Movie in a minute¨ where both teams have to perform a well-known movie in under 60 seconds, with team two getting the suggestion of Titanic, while team one was put up to the challenge of doing all the Star Wars movies with the exception of an extra 15 seconds of time. Both teams captivated the most memorable and important part of the movies, but team two took the win.

The next round was the scored challenge where team two asked the audience to give them any I.D. or driver’s license to the performers, to which audience members stepped up and provided them. The game played out where one person from each team had to look at the picture and act out what they thought that person might be like in person.

Team one on the other hand, had to perform a skit using a plastic cow to create a scene about ice cream, with one of the team members pretending to be cow, which got them the win in the second round.

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The next scored round was musical themed, where a regular scene would take place and a performer would yell “sing it!” and from then on everyone in the scene would have to sing an improvised song instead of talk. Team two decided to do a rendition of a song about rubbing their grandma’s feet at Christmas time, which got loads of applause and laughs from the crowd.

“I really enjoyed breaking into a kick line, while singing about someone’s feet at the same time,” team two member Tyler Grabarczyk said.

The next round included much more audience participation, where each team got to choose the challenge that they wanted to do. Team one chose “question period” where an audience member was able to stop the scene, ask a question, and hopefully help progress the story. Team two chose “pillars” where two volunteers from the audience would fill in the blank for the performers. The audience responded to “pillars” with more excitement and applause.

“[Question period] adds [the audience’s] own sauce if it were a recipe” MTHS senior Sage Cameron said.

With only two rounds left, the next category was time manipulation, where team one tried to perform as many genres of one scene within 3 minutes, as they flipped from genres such as musical, bollywood, murder mystery, sci-fi, and romantic comedy, which left the audience in a fit of laughter. Team two on the other hand had to start with a regular scene, but soon they ended up having to do that same scene backwards, which took a lot of focus on the part of the theatre sports team.

For the last round, 4 contestants from both schools had to debate a topic, but when one pauses, stutters or gets off topic, the others are allowed to interrupt by saying “just a minute.” They debated extensively about math and the popular singer, Justin Bieber, with each contestant fighting to be the vocal one of the group.

While points were being counted to determine the winner for the night, the theatre sports teams did a quick round of “time jump”, where a different scene took place every time a new performer was added to the group. A surprise performance from the former MTHS theatre sports captain Emily Davidson was made for this scene as well.

The night was finished with a presentation of both teams scores, in which they both tied with 24 points each.

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