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Theatre sports team qualifies for Hogan Cup finals

Image credit: Max Tracy
Sage Cameron pretend to be a chicken while Cassie Stires acts as a cow.

The MTHS Theatre Sports team competed head to head with Woodinville HS on Friday, Nov. 21 at 7 p.m. in the theater. The whole theatre sports league is run by a company called Unexpected Productions that works in downtown Seattle.

MTHS failed to win the matchup but they still had enough total points from all their competitions to qualify for the finals, which will be held at the Market Theater in Pike Place Market on Monday, Nov. 24 at 7 p.m.

The MTHS team’s name is “Ten Stories Tall” and was proud of the performance they were able to put on.

“I think we did really well even though we didn’t win… We had a lot of fun,” senior Emily Davidson said. Davidson is currently the longest participating member in theatre sports for MTHS.

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The two teams started off with unscored skits that both teams participated in together, mainly as a warm up and to entertain the crowd.

After this came the real show, where each team went back and forth performing different skits about anything the audience wanted to suggest, all the while being scored each round by three judges. The final scores were decided by the aggregate score of each team, with Woodinville winning 54 to MTHS’s 51.

The scored portion consisted of 5 rounds, with Woodinville starting each round and MTHS following.

Ten Stories Tall started off with a “narrative collage” skit, where four different people were to act out different characters of a story, consisting of a chicken, a cow, a farmer and a tornado, and while three of the characters told their part in regular english, the chicken simply made “bocking” sounds, much to the enjoyment of the crowd.

“My favorite moment [was] definitely narrative collage, when I was just a chicken,” junior Sage Cameron said.

The show continued with Woodinville doing “three scene” where they repeated a scene three times but altered it according to audience suggestions. Ten Stories Tall followed up with a skit where the time of the scene changed according to a narrator. Both skits garnered average scores from the judges.

After a couple more skits, Woodinville came up with arguably the best skit of the night. It was called “Sing It” where a scene was acted out according to audience suggestion and whenever the audience would yell “sing it!” the performers had to instantly come up with an improvised song on whatever was happening.

“I love sing it, its just such a fun game to do,” Woodinville student Aiken Muller said.

Sing it would go on to get the best score for an individual skit that night, and rightly so. Each song was sung through with very few dead spots and was able to make the audience laugh.

Skits continued in rapid succession until the ending where a twist was thrown in. Ten Stories Tall was to end the scoring part of the show with a skit completely unknown to them until now.

“My favorite part was when our coach pulled me backstage, [and said]  you’re gonna do a scene that you don’t know what you’re doing and I’m going to tell you in front of the audience.” Davidson said.

The scene they played out was actually three separate scenes that changed whenever a bell was rung by the MTHS coach. It received many laughs from the crowd.

With the scored rounds over, an unscored skit was then performed by members from both teams to allow the judges time to count up the scores and declare a winner.

Woodinville narrowly got the win and was more than happy to have scored an above average 54.

“We felt pretty rocky going into it… as the night went on we got more comfortable, got our energy up,” Muller said.

Ten Stories Tall was in no way disappointed with their performance.

“It was really solid, we stayed to the format really well,” Cameron said.

Now MTHS will move on to face other schools at the Hogan Cup. The MTHS theatre sports team won last year, and they hope to win again this year.

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