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The magic of gift giving

By Ritika Khanal, Co-Editor-In-Chief December 17, 2021

Hello there, MTHS. Welcome back to my little corner, where I ramble about one thing or another every month. Before I go any further, I want to wish each and every single one of our readers the happiest...

Little actions, large impacts

By Ritika Khanal, Co-Editor-In-Chief November 19, 2021

It feels like just yesterday when I walked into the doors of MTHS for the first time, wondering how long it was going to take before I was swallowed whole by a school so big and filled with so many unknown...

A most unusual start

By Ritika Khanal, Co-Editor-In-Chief November 16, 2020

Normally, the start of a school year would be a flurry of activity, with freshmen figuring out how to navigate the transition between middle and high school,and others learning their new schedules, room...

Happy holidays from Walden Pond

By Nolan DeGarlais, Editor-in-Chief December 24, 2019

December has always appeared to me as a month of sharp dichotomies. Its most common image is that of holiday festivities and the familiar Christmas trees, delicately wrapped presents and peaceful blankets...

Lighting the torch of justice

By Nolan DeGarlais, Editor-in-Chief November 28, 2019

At this point, it has become a cliché to say that we live in an increasingly polarized society. By now, we all know the story that always seems to be on an endless loop in the media: whether it’s differences...

Fostering Terrace community

By Nolan DeGarlais, Editor-in-Chief October 30, 2019

October has arrived yet again, bringing with it the familiar dreary weather and increasing pace of the school year. As assignments begin to pile up, the sun sets ever earlier and temperatures grow more...

Terrace to celebrate Diamond jubilee

By Jonathan Kwong, Yearbook Editor and General Manager September 12, 2019

Each year, the typical letter from the editor for the back-to-school edition of the Hawkeye discusses change.  However, this year is a time to reflect on how we’ve changed. This is the 60th anniversary...

New year, new expression

By Nolan DeGarlais, Editor-in-Chief September 12, 2019

With each new school year comes a predictable cycle, at least for those of us who are returning to the now familiar high school routine. For at least a quarter of MTHS students, though, the new school...

Coming back stronger than ever

By Matthew Hipolito, Copy Editor March 27, 2019

Hi, Terrace. It’s been awhile. The hiatus we’ve been on has been one of the longest in The Hawkeye’s 34-volume history. During that time, news has been made and forgotten, and much of it is news...

You can only go up from here

By Ben Eyman March 27, 2019

I often carry my phone all around my house while I do everything. Recently, I was working on starting a load of laundry and during this particular time I was watching Christopher Nolan’s 2005 drama Batman...

Turning change into opportunity

By Annika Prom, Co-Editor-in-Chief September 29, 2018

And so comes the 2018-2019 school year. The MTHS community is seeing a handful of changes this school year, like an increase in base teacher pay, the introduction of new staff members, moving our football...

Taking off on a new flight

By Benjamin Eyman, Co-Editor in Chief June 18, 2018

Hello, Mountlake Terrace! My name is Benjamin Eyman, and I am one of the co-Editors-in-Chief for the 2018-2019 school year. Along with my partner, Annika Prom, we have lots of plans for this upcoming school...

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