Terrace to return to 3A division status


By Erick Yanzon

MTHS Athletic Director Kim Stewart posted a message in the school’s website regarding the school’s athletic Classification for the following school years:
Good evening. With all the news swirling around out there regarding next year’s Classifications I wanted to make sure you have the correct information.
Roughly two weeks ago I received a phone call from John Olson from the WIAA. He explained to me that a large number of 2A schools were opting up to 3A. This in turn bumped us down us down to 2A. Because we were bumped down this way we were given a choice to stay at 2A or back up to 3A. I was able to track down Greg and we had a brief discussion in which we decided it was in the best interest of our athletes, coaches and parents to go back up to 3A were we have been for some time now. This makes Shorecrest the only 2A team in WESCO. It also means Edmonds is now a 3A district. If you have any questions regarding this issue please let me know.
In a little footnote it’s also very possible you could be getting an email from your AD in charge of your sport regarding league alignments for the next two years. Please understand nothing has been set yet and in most cases will not be decided without input from the coaches.