One step at a time

By Austin McDermott

The Road to the Dome is nearly complete. With a 72-33 win over the Everett Seagulls Tuesday
night, the Hawks have a 3.5 game lead in the WesCo 3A conference. There are seven games left in the
season, including three against teams with a winning record (Shorecrest, Shorewood, Glacier Peak, all of
which are conference games).

Though a 39 point win, the Hawks 10th by at least 20 points, it didn’t come easy. Reece Hoiby
and Cal Knapp, two Everett players, had a hard fouls on Ryan Shannon, Blake Fernandez, and Greg
Bowman . Shannon was horse collared when going for an easy layup, and Bowman was shoved from
behind on his own uncontested drive. Fernandez was tossed around a lot, once dealing with elbows
thrown in the direction of his head (not called a foul by officials) and getting tripped up or shoved
around on shots numerous times. Everett tried to send a message with strong defense but Terrace didnt falter. Hoiby finished with 6 points, and Knapp didn’t even score.

One thing worth noting however, was that Everett opened the game in a very effective 1-2-2
zone. Essentially, the Gulls always had a minimum of three, if not four defenders to defend any Hawk
that came into the paint. For about half of the quarter, the Hawks’ big men had to find a way to break
the zone, but eventually found the biggest hole in Everett’s strategy-there was no one left to guard the
three-point shot. Eric Moisant nailed two threes, and Fernandez added 15 points. Jesse Zerom put up 8
of his own, and Marquis Armstead tacked on 9. By playing the 1-2-2 zone Everett had allowed Terrace to go inside-out with strong guard play.

Once again, the Hawk’s defense shown through, with several blocked shots by Coby Russell,
Ryan Shannon, and Greg Bowman manhandling Everett down low, and on the boards. The Hawks have
beaten all of their last opponents already this year, so expect smooth sailing all the way to Tacoma.

Terrace totals: Armstad 9, Zerom 8, Moisant 6, Russell 6, Moisant 2, Ferandez 15, Bowman 13, Shannon
13, Lacase 0.

Everett totals: Richardson 7, Woods 7, Chacon 6, Hoiby 6, Thibou 5, Carr 2, Arends 0, Franklin 0, Knapp
0, Tran 0.