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Showcase Tradition Continues

©HAWKEYE image credit: Seras Bryner
Elio Isley performs ‘Let You Break My Heart Again’ by Laufey. (Image credit: Seras Bryner)

When stepping into the MTHS band room on Feb. 1st, I was met with brilliant stage lights, contrasting from deep blues to blazing violets and reds. A crowd could be seen gathering, some audience members even being forced to hang in the back of the room to watch. With a notable 15 acts in total, performances varied between stunning clarinet quintets to impressive renditions of ‘When He Sees Me’ and ‘Screw Loose’. Hitting it off as the second Performing Arts Showcase of the year, I have to say it was a night to remember.

Commencing at 7 p.m., the first act started off with junior Dustin Ledbetter performing ‘Fix You,’ a popular song by the musical group Coldplay. As the performances continued throughout the night, the audience was exceedingly more interactive with each of the acts, some even earning a standing ovation. One particular act that won the audience’s rapturous applause would be junior Elio Isley’s impressive performance of ‘Let you Break My Heart Again,’ a song by Laufey, a female jazz artist that has been rising in popularity among young adults. As I stood in the audience, I was captivated by Isley’s splendid rendition of this piece, they perfectly captured the feeling of heartbreak that comes with this song, bringing even myself to tears.

Senior LIly McKnight and Junior Mia Smith applaud at the clarinet quintets. (Image credit: Seras Bryner)

Among the other memorable acts, one that struck a chord had to be freshman Luca Manzo’s improvisation on the drums. I find it hard enough to go up on stage and perform something that I’ve been practicing for weeks, even forgetting how to play it sometimes due to stage fright. The talent that comes from improvising something on the spot in front of a crowd -and have it sound good mind you, is hard to come by. The audience seemed to think so as well, breaking out in thunderous applause as soon as he finished.

The final act of the night that sent it off with a bang was none other than juniors Allen Vernon and Edgar Alvarez Hernandez, forming the group ‘Edgar Allan Poe,’ a clever name if I do say so myself. They performed “A New Level” by the artist Pantera. With Allen sporting the bass guitar and Alvarez rocking the electric, this duo was most definitely the loudest act seen on stage yet. The classic metalhead vibe the group gave off was received well by the students in the audience, however, the parent’s seemed to be taken aback by the sudden gesture which was a funny sight to see.

Junior Edgar Alvarez Hernandez performing Pantera’s ‘A New Level’ with the rest of the band Edgar Allen Poe (Image credit: Seras Bryner)

To end off the night Darin Faul, the band teacher and organizer of this event, had an important announcement regarding two new music classes set to take place around 2024-2025. Both classes are a 7th period and teach you important skills in relation to music -and don’t worry about doing this for nothing as it turns out they count for art credits as well. ‘Music Performance Collective’ counting as 1.0 art credits and ‘Instrumental Music- Group Study’ being 0.5 art credits. In addition to this, both classes are open to grades 9-12, meaning anyone can sign up!

The first class called ‘Music Performance Collective’ is a class for students to discover and follow their musical passion. The class is guided by your interests, whether you want to learn to play an instrument for the first time or perfect your already existing musical skills, all are open at MPC. I think this class would be perfect to take if anyone wants to pursue a music career. It will teach you about finding your interests while gaining experiences like playing in groups, composing music, going through the struggle of learning a new instrument, and being led down the path of improving yourself. The second class is called the ‘Instrumental Music-Group Study. Although only a semester long, this class is necessary for any beginners looking to start their musical journey. It is an entry level class for anyone wanting to learn to play a band or orchestra instrument.

The next Performing Arts Showcase is set to take place sometime in April. Sign up is available via the qr code on the posters scattered on the walls of the school. I encourage anyone to sign up, it is a non-judgemental space where students can express themselves and gain new experiences through performing their talents, and trust me, it’s definitely worth experiencing, you truly won’t regret it.

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