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The student news site of Mountlake Terrace High School in Mountlake Terrace, Washington.

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The Hawkeye May 2024
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Letter from the Editor: She’s a lover, not a fighter

Hey there Hawks, long time no see. Last time I sat down and wrote one of these was almost two months ago while working on our December issue. Then came the January hiatus, where Hawkeye chose not to publish an issue so that we could all focus on finals instead. Of course we were going to make a comeback for the February issue, but then came the Great Internet Depression of 2023.

Teachers were scrambling, Chromebooks were collecting dust from lack of usage, and students were hoping school would get canceled. Oh, and our private information may or may not be floating around somewhere on the black market. As terrible as all of it is, I must say it gave us fantastic content for the newspaper. 

Amidst all the chaos that erupted at the beginning of the semester, it was easy to almost forget about good ol’ St. Valentine. The day to celebrate love, give out cheesy gifts and awkwardly avoid that one couple in the hallway that insists on committing public acts of affection that should get them put on some kind of list. Whether or not you’re in a relationship, it’s important to acknowledge everything and everyone that you deem worthy of any type of love, not just romantic. So in order to commemorate that, I’m going to list the things that I love, not only because it’s the month of love, but also because it’s been brought to my attention that I’ve been a very hateful person for most of my LFEs. I mean it’s very accurate. I dedicated an LFE to the things I’m unthankful for, and mind you that was for the November issue, a month where there’s a holiday literally meant for giving thanks. So consider this my redemption arc. 

Have you ever consumed some type of food or beverage that is just so delicious to you, you feel compelled to get it as much as possible? It’s almost like a hyperfixation of some sorts. Well, whatever it is, it’s not as good as Snapple Peach Tea. I went 17 years without ever tasting it, until one fateful day when the stars led me to it.

I was at my friend’s house and she let me raid her fridge for something to drink. Not knowing what there was to offer, she showed me some options. My eyes landed on some ugly bright orange and green bottle with a picture of a peach on the front. I grabbed it, it was either that or Coke which always leaves my teeth feeling weird after drinking it (please tell me I’m not the only one who experiences that).

You can guess what happened after that. I tasted it, I loved it, blah blah blah… Sogol, if you ever read this, thank you for giving me that tea. I hope both sides of your pillow are always cold at night. One downside, if there is any, is that my love for the drink sorta became my personality for a bit. One of our photo editors Seras Bryner actually stocked our fridge in the Hawkeye room with Snapple Peach Tea because they knew I would appreciate it. Even my mom started buying it without needing me to ask, which just proves the extent of my obsession, because my mother never remembers the names of the snacks I like. I’ll tell her to buy me a box of Cheez-Its and she comes back with something called “Annie’s Organic Cheddar Squares.” Snapple, if you see this, please sponsor the Hawkeye newspaper.

Remember that one movie where those weird orphans crawled through a closet and befriended a talking lion? Pretty sure it’s called Narnia. That’s what revolving doors feel like to me. Like you’re entering a portal that releases you into a magical new world. I know a lot of people actually hate those doors, and I could understand why.

It’s like when you’re a kid playing jump rope at recess, and you’re waiting for the right time to jump in without getting whipped in front of everyone. Revolving doors can feel like that, but the stakes are higher because you’re not at recess (unless we have 6-year-olds that I don’t know about tuning into the Hawkeye) but rather a public area, like a mall. And instead of your friends watching you while swinging a jump rope, you have a bunch of randos watching you do that little back & forth move, the one where you think it’s the perfect time to go but then you hesitate and it throws you off so you have to start all over again.

But look, once you make it past those doors, it’s like a fun little ride, especially if you do more than one cycle. Those few seconds give me a little serotonin boost. In fact, if the door got stuck and I was enclosed in that little space for the rest of my life I think I would be content. I wouldn’t be delighted per se, but I could last a long time before getting worried.

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I don’t have any pets, and I can’t say I really want one, but our design editor Rachel Davis has one. A ragdoll cat to be exact, and based on the few times I’ve met her, I love her, and she loves me too. Well, not exactly me, but my feet instead. The first time I went over, she nested on my dirty, stinky shoes, which surprised even Rachel. I even have a picture for keepsake that I’m very fond of. There’s also Paul the Cat. Paul is the pet of my Co Editor-In-Chief, Maggie. He’s super friendly and very handsome. He’s also a retired show cat, so if you ever see him on the street and think, “Now that’s a fancy looking cat,” you’ll know why.

Speaking of Maggie, I also love her. My confidant, my dear friend, my shady business partner. My love for her remains as constant as her changing hair colors. And no, she’s definitely not intently looking over my shoulder as I type this, this is all coming from the heart.

I know I’m writing this letter in honor of Valentine’s Day, but just know that you don’t need a national holiday to express your appreciation for the things that make you happy. You love in spite of it, not because of it.

That’s enough about love, I think I’ve redeemed myself enough. All this lovey dovey stuff will probably be gone by the next issue. Until next time, Hawks.

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Cecilia Negash
Cecilia Negash, Hawkeye Co-Editor-in-Chief
Cecilia Negash is a senior at MTHS and the Co-Editor-In-Chief of The Hawkeye. She joined in her freshman year and focused mostly on photography and writing. In her free time, she works at her part-time job, enjoys gardening, crocheting, and sending pen pals to prisoners. She also religiously listens to the Renaissance album by Beyonce and likes to do extensive research on the cast of Twilight.
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