The Tempo 2022 Online Captions Page

You found it! The Tempo 2022 Online Captions Page!

Here’s the directory – simply find the number of the photo in the yearbook that you want to know more about, then find the corresponding caption number below. Simple. Oh, and watch for updates!

  1. Tempo Editor-in-Chief Linaly Miyamoto and news editor Nathaniel Reyes work out a challenge problem at the 2021 HSM leadership retreat.
  2. Members of the 2021-2022 HSM leadership staff gather at adviser Vince DeMiero’s home for a mini-retreat to prepare for the upcoming year’s publications.
  3. The Cow. Somebody else will have to explain this!
  4. Junior general manager Phuong Lam leads a brainstorming session at the summer leadership retreat.
  5. This is a long story. But it’s a good story. Yes, Hawkeye senior Co-Editor-in-Chief Ritika Khanal got her first driving lesson from Vince DeMiero in his 2003 Honda Odyssey van. No one and no curb was hurt during the entire 20+ minute lesson.
  6. Senior Hawkeye Co-Editor-in-Chief Nico Francois, op/ed editor Rachel Davis and lifestyle editor Maggie O’Hara take a selfie in the HSM news room.
  7. Okay. This one is kinda weird. Last summer, there was a bunch of construction in the HSM news room and room 130 classroom. Some of it we even asked to be done! This was not something we asked for – a window to nowhere. We have affectionately renamed it the “FAIL” window and don’t be surprised if it disappears one day.
  8. This panoramic photo from the front of the HSM classroom shows almost every member of the organization (some are on the other side and some had to be in another class) during the WJEA Virtual J-Day held Nov. 1, 2021 and hosted at Whitworth University in Spokane. Since the HSM staff couldn’t travel due to COVID, they just each got online on their Chromebooks and participated in the day’s workshops, sessions and keynote by Andrew Springer, an Emmy and Peabody Award-winning journalist and producer.