Senior Quote Submissions 2019-2020

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CLASS OF 2020:

You have until December 6, 2019 to submit your senior quote using the link below: 

Guidelines for senior quotes:

Here are the requirements for submitting your senior quote:
1.) No acronyms.
2.) No profanities, obscenities, slang, inappropriate or offensive language.
3.) No references to profane, obscene, inappropriate or offensive mediums.
4.) No derogatory comments.
5.) Quotes should be in Standard English. Any quotes not in Standard English are subject to additional review.
6.) Quotes must be 140 characters or less.

Senior quotes are due by December 6, 2019.
Note: Senior quotes should describe your high school experience. All quotes are subject to TEMPO review. TEMPO reserves the right to not publish your quote.

If you have any questions, email TEMPO at

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