A word from ASB


By Andy Shaw, ASB Public Relations Officer

According to the ASB constitution, Article III Section I, “The purpose of the Associated Student Body is to promote a friendly and purposeful relationship between school and community, to foster democracy and good citizenship, and to initiate action to the general advantage of the student body” Although this is true, ASB does more than what the constitution states. ASB also plans assemblies, dances, homecoming, sets budgets for sports and clubs, does fundraisers and volunteers for the community. Most of us do this because we love the ability to make changes to people’s experience in high school. We want to make the school a safer, fun, and accepting community.

Questions and Answers

Q: “Why don’t we have more assemblies?”
A: Executive ASB cannot hold more assemblies because we are limited by administration on how many assemblies we can have. Assemblies also take three to four weeks to plan, but we try to plan four assemblies every year. Although it seems little, most schools in Edmonds School District have only two assemblies per year.

Q: “Why don’t we have more spirit days?”

A: MTHS does not have more spirit days because Executive ASB prefers to have spirit weeks before every assembly or big event. This way it makes them more exclusive and enjoyable.

Q: “Why is there no Treasurer in Big 6?”
A: There is no current Treasurer in Big 6 because no one ran for the position in March. Although we did have competitors for Presidency and Secretary, the ASB constitution does not state that they can fill the vacant position, however; during the 2017-2018 school year, Executive ASB will be electing two candidates for the position of Treasurer.
Q: “Who is the Big 6?”
A: The positions for MTHS’ Executive ASB for the 2017-2018 school year is Bri Houtman as President, Rosie Lee as Vice President, Samantha Perez as Secretary, Andy Shaw as Public Relations Coordinator and Kennedy Cooper as Historian.

Q: “How much money does ASB have?”

A: General ASB overall has $17,221 (based on 2015-2016 statistics). You can find this information on the school website under the “Activities” tab. Click on “ASB” and “ASB Fund Balance” to see last year’s budget plan.