Hawks Volleyball team crushes Oak Harbor Wildcats in three-game match

Captain and senior Leann Weatherby cheers her team after they score a point.

By Stephi Smith, Executive Editor

The Hawks Volleyball team faced off in a home match against the Oak Harbor Wildcats, ultimately winning with a score of 3-1.

The Hawks started out good, Captain and senior Leann Weatherby serving for a majority of the first game.

After each play throughout the match, Weatherby would hold a quick huddle with her team, either to cheer after having scored a point or to give minor feedback on how to improve for the next play.

The Hawks won the first game with a final score of 25-20.

But the Wildcats were able to catch up in the second game. With one foul on the Hawks side and a timeout called by the Wildcats, the final score was 20-25, Wildcats.

Even still, the Hawks won the final two games, keeping up the same energy and spirit and a major lead in the third game, 25-8 and a minor lead in the fourth game, 25-20.

After the final buzzer, the fans on the home side could be heard chanting the famous “I believe” cheer.

Hawks Volleyball coach Rene Noeun said the support from the team’s fellow students was great and it definitely helped the team.

However, she didn’t think this match was their best and she hopes her team will be able to set more of their own goals and accomplish them themselves.

Weatherby agreed with her, commenting that it’s hard for the team to build off their own energy and, since the other team didn’t seem to have any.

But when they are able to create their own energy, Weatherby said, there’s a “spark” and they can then create their own “fire.”

Weatherby also gives a lot of credit to Noeun for her tremendous amount of passion and dedication to the Hawks’ Volleyball team.

The next match will be a home game against Marysville-Pilchuck at 7 p.m.