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The student news site of Mountlake Terrace High School in Mountlake Terrace, Washington.

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How to be an involved student at Terrace

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Many students are involved in Mountlake Terrace High School’s award winning Drama Department. The January performances of the musical “Sympathy Jones” were exceptional and well attended.

From the first audition, rehearsal, or meeting, you knew you were going to be committed. All those hours practicing, singing in the mirror, note after note again, because you had to be at your best.


“What about that Spanish test tomorrow?”


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“Oh, my sister’s birthday is next week!”

Being an involved student is no easy task, but with a few tips from experienced students, it is possible to thrive in school while remaining engaged in lots of activities.

Senior Danielle Hirano is an involved performer in the drama department and somehow manages to balance her time on stage with her time hitting the books. “There are only 24 hours in a day. It’s difficult just balancing everything and doing it to the best of my abilities,” Hirano said.

Not only do you want to succeed in your schooling, but your hobbies and activities aren’t anything to forget about either.

Executive ASB Secretary junior Liya Ewing shares her tricks to cope with the struggles she has faced with balancing her school and ASB life. She keeps her priorities in check by doing her school work in class.

Many other students have found this to be helpful. Among them is junior Jun Park, who is involved in music. His advice is very simple, “Time management is really important to be successful.”

“Don’t stress too much, I mean school’s important but what’s important is to balance it out, especially time managing, because I didn’t do too well freshman year. I wasted too much time doing nothing,” Park shared from his own personal experience.

A common phrase, ‘I wasted too much time’, can be prevented very easily. Get involved. If you join a group or club, your time will be spent doing something you love.

“If you have an interest, you just need to be willing to look for it, because there is something for you,” drama teacher and theater director, Jeannie Brzovic said.

As many students find their niche in our community, some students could use a tip from the Activities Coordinator and Athletics Director Kim “Stew” Stewart.

“On the website, there’s a list of all our clubs, with advisers. Students can ask one of the [Big] Six kids, or anyone in ASB, or they can stop by and talk to Nadine [Coombs] [ASB Secretary] or me anytime,” Stewart said.

The value of what a club or activity can have in your life is just incredible, Stewart insisted. “I don’t think you can put a price-tag on what an experience like that might mean in your life,” Stewart said, “and that’s kind of the exciting part about it.”

Joining something new can be a bit intimidating, but it’s worth it according to Brzovic.

“I think taking risks is important. If you always stay in that little comfort zone, you don’t really grow,” Brzovic said.

Something Park has found to be helpful is the fact that, “It doesn’t have to be music, joining anything is great. Try to be involved a lot. That really helps with your school and for your future, too,” Park said.

Your future is something you will dream about at night, but in order to make your dreams a reality, keep what really matters to you close to your heart.

“I know money is very important to teenagers, but these are your dreams. Your hobbies and your school work, that’s what’s going to lead you to your dreams,” Hirano said.

Talking to your teachers early on will help with balancing your school work and your hobbies because not only will they appreciate the communication between the two of you, you will also receive the benefits of thriving in both your interests and schooling.

“I’ve definitely branched out to my teachers, and opened up to them and asked for help with balancing everything,” Hirano said.

Of course, not every teacher will be as lenient about how activities impact their class, but it’s worth talking to them about.

“There were teachers at times who wouldn’t let me skip class [for ASB], but that’s understandable too,” Ewing said.

Keeping your schooling in check is no easy job, but by having something else, such as a club or hobby to go back and forth with, is a positive thing in a hectic teen’s busy life.

“Not only is [an interest] good for college, but it also keeps your mind off the burdens you have from school,” Park said.

Any person who loves to be involved, in any way, will be busy and could forget the end goal.

Stewart reminds students to stay healthy and learn to balance their commitments.

“The most important thing is to take care of yourself first,” Stewart said. “If you don’t do that first, that’s usually what stresses people out and they quit being involved in the things they love most.” 

“If you have an interest, you just need to be willing to look for it, because there is something for you.” ~Jeannie Brzovic drama instructor

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