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The student news site of Mountlake Terrace High School in Mountlake Terrace, Washington.

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Best smoothies around Terrace


Jason Hart Smoothie review

Jamba Juice: 4

I’ve never been to the Caribbean or had a drink with a little paper umbrella in it. If I had done either of those though, I would imagine it would be something like Jamba Juice. I indulged in the “Caribbean Classic.” After tasting the drink I immediately felt a warm breeze on my cheek (although I think it was the CT bus passing by) and nearly asked for a paper umbrella from behind the counter.

Emerald City Smoothies: 2

Normally I like to support local businesses. This smoothie joint was much more health conscious than my liking, however. I wish this was more important to me. At some point I think they offered to put grass in my smoothie. Grass?? Really?? I added some fruit and other stuff but only my wife (btw she would get 5 stars!) can throw together random ingredients and call it a smoothie. Let’s just say this smoothie was less smooth and more oothie. Oothie? Is that a word? Yes, yes it is.

Pochi: 2

When I first heard I needed to go to Pochi I’m not going to lie, I was a little apprehensive. When I think of bubble tea I think of anime and fish eggs. Not exactly a natural “fit.” I did however swallow (literally) my pride and try as “normal” a drink I could possibly find. It was too sweet and too bubbly. Normally I like sweet and bubbly, but not in my drinks. Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here until June.

Alexa Turner

Jamba Juice
I was asked to review three different smoothie places, and Jamba was one of them. I think that Jamba Juice is okay. The main reason I go to it is because it’s at the mall (which is very convenient), or I have a gift card.  Jamba smells very yummy to me, and when I walk in, I feel a hundred times healthier (even though it’s said that Jamba isn’t that healthy at all). My favorite drink is Strawberry Sunrise.

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Emerald City Smoothie
I didn’t know what to expect at Emerald City because I have never been there before, but when my friends and I walked in, I was very surprised! It was like a very healthy, muscle-builder, weight-lifter smoothie place. There were many different flavors, but I got a Mocha flavored one. The smoothies are okay, but the place itself is very hard to find.

I absolutely love Pochi! I’ve been there before with my friends, and my very first time being there, I ordered a Kiwi Fruity Milk Tea, which was absolutely delicious! I also love Strawberry Fruity Milk Teas and Peach Fruity Milk Teas, too! Pochi is affordable and it has super cool straws- I always get the orange one.

Lizzie Strauss

Jamba Juice: Whenever I go to the mall, I normally stop in and say hi to a few of my friends that work there. It’s always busy, but thats  what brings the spunk to Jamba Juice. The people that work there are pretty cool, not including my friends. Even though its busy most of the time, I love the place. Every time I go there I get something new. This time I was a little hungry so I ordered a cup of fresh banana oatmeal and a Peach Pleasure!  I would have to say that this was the best combo ever!!! I love all kinds of fruit so mixing different flavors together are the best! Another thing about Jamba is that when they make your drink or snack food, you see them make it and it is all from sratch! You see them blend it all! Another is that they are fast at making drinks, so if you are on a time limit you can order and see your drink being made and get it within 8 minutes. Plus, they have all kinds of special boosts and up-grades that are “healthy” choices. I would give Jamba a 5

Emerald City Smoothie: Even thought I go to Costco and HomeDepto this is the first time I have been to Emerald City, and I would have to say that it is pretty good. Similar idea as Jamba but they are more on a healthy and build- your- muscles base. More about low-cal and sugar content. I ordered a Sambazon and that was pretty awesome. Great combo of acai, cranberry, strawberries and protien. Not trying to say anything bad about them, but when I walked in, there were two girls working. One taking orders and the other making drinks. Well the girl that was supposed to be taking my order didnt notice me untill I said ” I think I know what I want.” and she gave me the dirtiest look ever. Maybe it was just me or maybe I got there in a bad time but I wasn’t so sure about the service that I got. Also, they really are never all that busy and that could have led up to lack of service, even though it should be the other way around. But because they are never really busy they aren’t used to making drinks fast and not so sure about giving good service. Other than that, I like their drinks and boost options. I give this a 3.

Pochi: As well as Emerald City, this is the first time that I have gone in and ordered something. I love bubble tea,so I had to order Bubble Tea. And the options that they gave as well. I ordered a Strawberry Taro, a local guy that goes there pretty much everyday said that if I was new to Pochi, I needed to order that. So I did and it was bomb! Ofcourse you have to add in the tapioca and all that goodness. The service was great too. The people that work there are really nice and very traditional. I couldn’t really stay there, but I spent a total of 10 minutes in there and I would definately go back again! I rate Pochi a 5!

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