ASB Executive Elections 2014: Historian

By Jaira Arcilla

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Nicki Bouche

Nicki Bouche


I am so excited to be running for ASB Historian this year. I’ve always known that I wanted to be in the big ASB since my first year at MTHS. When I was a freshman I always looked up to the Big 6 ASB and how they ran the school with such great ideas and produced amazing events; I will never forget my freshmen year homecoming assembly, thanks to them. I also looked up to them as people that I would try to emulate because they were great leaders and role models.

I’m running for Big 6 Historian because I can’t wait to be a part of such a great group of people and make our school even better with new ideas and visions. I like being in a leadership position but at the same time I get along with other people and work well in a group. My goal is to have a successful year and make MTHS a more enjoyable experience for every student. At the same time I will try to voice the opinions of students who normally don’t get a say in what happens to the school.

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Malek Qibaa

Malek Qibaa


No statement submitted


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