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The student news site of Mountlake Terrace High School in Mountlake Terrace, Washington.

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Continuing the legacy with a new big six

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From spirited assemblies to the “Geeee-Double-O-D morning” that greets MTHS each day, everyone knows the Big Six. Acting as the student leadership of MTHS’s Associated Student Body (ASB), the Big Six oversees the organization of assemblies, dances, charity drives, spirit weeks and other school-wide events. 

Fast approaching are elections for the 2023-2024 Big Six officers, which will be held on Wednesday, March 8.

Zoe teran

The Big Six consists of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, public relations officer and historian. Each member plays a specific role in ASB leadership. Currently, the positions are held by Laraine Sims as president, Ryan Daly as vice president, Davis Gonzaga as secretary, Kaylyn Takeya as treasurer, Kim Banh for public relations, and Henry Obare as historian. To create an impact, however, they have to learn how to work well together. 

“I have classes with several of my fellow Big Six officers as well as planning hangouts and meetings so that we can get better acquainted with each other and become a more effective team,” Big Six Vice President and senior Ryan Daly said. “The Big Six have been able to connect with each other. It really is a great and supportive group.”

Zoe Teran

Once elected, the group learns how to depend on and build off of each other through classes, hangouts and leadership camps. Though they might not have known each other at the beginning of the year, by the end each officer is very familiar with everyone on the team. 

“As a member of the Big Six you really put yourself out there to the school and the community as a whole,” Daly said. “It really allows me to connect with people that I might’ve never known before.”

Acting as a role model is a huge part of being a Big Six member, and that includes forming new connections not only with fellow ASB members but also with students from all over the school. These connections make a huge difference to the students they represent and improve their leadership skills. 

“I joined the Big Six because of the role models before me,” Daly said. “Notably such previous members as Ciara Laney, Preston Thrush, Leonardo Diaz and Skyler Knight.”

Zoe Teran

The Big Six are individuals chosen to lead the school, and the impact they have can last far beyond their graduation from Terrace. 

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“These are individuals I held and still hold in the highest regard in terms of leadership capability and bringing the school community together,” Daly said. “It’s through seeing their impact that I wanted to try to leave one of my own.”

Inspired by the Big Six members who preceded him, Daly will definitely leave a significant impression on students. From his daily greeting on the announcements to his endless energy during pep rallies, Daly is widely known and regarded positively throughout the school. Formerly the executive historian, Daly has had over a year of experience in Big Six and knows what to look for in potential candidates. 

“A Big Six member should be committed to their school through spirit and responsibility to fulfill their role,” Daly said. “Someone who is able to connect with their community and encourage others to be their best self by being an example to others.”

As the vice president, Daly is in charge of running the elections for next year’s officers. After filling out an eligibility packet and receiving permission, candidates are instructed to start campaigning, which consists of video speeches and posters. Application forms were available starting Feb. 24, and all paperwork is due on Friday, March 3. Candidates campaign from March 3 to March 8, with speech recordings due on Monday, March 6. On Wednesday, March 8, the student body will vote for the people they see as best fit for the positions.

Zoe Teran

Each year brings new personalities and assets to the group, ensuring an experience unique to the leadership qualities of the Big Six officers of that year.

“I hope that our future officers are able to fulfill their position in office to their greatest ability and exhibit the traits which the Big Six is known for,” Daly said. “I hope that they are able to lead the school through spirit and leading the community, that they are able to make a positive impact through whatever means they find possible.” 

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