ASB Executive Elections 2014: Treasurer

By Jaira Arcilla

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Gene An
Gene An


Hello, my name’s Gene An and I am the current Sophomore Class President, and I will be YOUR 2014-2015 Executive ASB Treasurer next year. I decided to run for Treasurer because in result of being in a leadership position these past two years, I’ve acquired quite the experience. In terms of academic qualifications, I have a 4.0 GPA, as well as being enrolled in a Pre-Calculus Honors course (bands will make me count). One of the goals I want to share with the rest of you is the idea of “inclusiveness.” No matter who you are or how you view yourself, you matter. I will make the next school year as enjoyable and exciting to the best of my ability, combined with the rest of our ASB, and you. If at any point next year you want to talk, aye don’t be shy just hit me up. Hasta luego mis amigos.