Executive ASB Elections 2014: Vice President

By Jaira Arcilla

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Maci Mata
Maci Mata


This next year as ASB Vice President I plan to make sure the year is filled with encouragement, is enjoyable, as well as everyone’s voice is heard. This next year I want to encourage as many students to be involved as possible. This includes things like going to sporting events or coming to school dances. I know that most of my most memorable moments in high school are though being involved and I want to give the students the encouragement they need to give themselves those same opportunities. Secondly, I want to make this year enjoyable. We all are aware of how stressful school can be, but I believe that things like homecoming and dances, assemblies, and spirit weeks are what make school fun. I want to ensure that these events are well planned out. Also I want to make them different, not repeating the usual themes of these types of events, but give a new twist so they will be more exciting for the student body. Lastly, I want to make sure everyone’s voice is heard. I believe having input from a variety of places and people is what makes an event successful, and I want to ensure we include the student’s opinions in our discussions and evaluations. I’m so excited to be this next coming year’s ASB Vice President, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it again.