Do you have an accent?


By Nick Fiorillo

The New York Times thinks it can guess your area of origination based solely on the way you speak.

In a quiz published on the New York Times website on Dec. 21, readers were invited to answer a series of questions regarding their pronunciation of certain words and their terminology for regional terms.

At the end of the 25 question quiz, you’re given three cities where, based on your responses, the New York Times says you sound like the residents here.

So here’s what we want YOU to do. Take the quiz by clicking here.

Then, let us know what you find. Did it work for you? Did it accurately guess where you’re from based on your answers? Some of our editors have taken the quiz and found it to be surprisingly accurate.

Let us know how it worked. Comment in the comment section on this post. You can also tweet us your results (tweet mentioning @MTHSHawkeye). We want to hear from you.

The quiz and all associated graphics, questions and results have been created by and are property of the New York Times.