Reactions: Girls’ soccer stuns Meadowdale 2-1


Photo by TK Johnson | Hawkeye Staff

By Jack Pearce

EDMONDS- As the final whistle sounded pure elation erupted from the Mountlake Terrace girls’ soccer team. Mountlake Terrace two, Meadowdale one. On Tuesday night the Hawks simply outplayed the second ranked team in all of 3A soccer from start to finish.

When the game began, Meadowdale had an 11-1 goal differential against their opponents, in two games. The Hawks on the other hand a won both of their previous games by a single goal apiece. But as the game developed, it was Terrace who was in control.

On offense the Hawks delivered a barrage of attacks on the Mavs. and for most of the game seemed to be needing just one more pass or move to net a goal to gain the lead. The defense was superb smothering most offensives by the Mavericks and keeping them contained. On the few breakaways the Hawks did allow keeper Amanda Aversano came up huge making strong saves to preserve the score at zero-to-zero.

Finally, with 13 minutes remaining in regulation, freshman Maddie Powers
“powered” a goal past the Maverick keeper to put Terrace up 1-0.

The Hawks then played lockdown defense for 12 minutes. Unfortunately for them, there were 13 minutes left in the game.

With less than a minute to go in the game junior Allison Lorraine fouled a Meadowdale player to give them a direct kick. The Mavericks coolly struck the ball out of Aversano’s reach for the equalizer.

A few minutes regulation ended with the teams knotted at one all. The two sides were then set to square off in a five minute overtime.

As extra time went on Terrace and Meadowdale clashed back and forth for the victory. With time running out it appeared as if the result would be a draw, but junior Lily Hart had other plans.

With precious seconds ticking off the clock, Hart made a run that would make both Marshawn Lynch and Lionel Messi proud. Hart received the ball near midfield as headed towards the goal. Eluding defenders Hart took the ball all the way inside the box before launching a mighty kick that left the ball in the back of the net.

The Hawks exploded in ecstasy as they came away with the win.

The Hawks’ next game is Thursday against Glacier Peak as the team looks to stay to get its fourth win in as many matches. Viva Terrace!