Do’s and Don’ts of Picture Day



By Beza Ayele

Jannon Roque Hawkeye Staff
Jannon Roque
Hawkeye Staff
Beza Ayele Hawkeye Staff
Beza Ayele
Hawkeye Staff

It’s that time of the school year again, where you find yourselves captured in front of flashing cameras and bright lights. And no, we’re not talking about your screaming paparazzi begging for your signature. We’re talking about Picture Day. Picture Day is a day dreaded or loved by most students. Always struggling with the always un-answered questions of “What do I wear?” Don’t fret! Here are a few tips on how to approach your picture day.

1.)   Don’t create any shaving related injuries. Take caution when shaving so you don’t end up accidentally cutting your face and end up with a cut mark or a Band-aid in your picture!

2.)   Girls, don’t put on too much makeup, the flash will alter the color of your skin.

3.)   Don’t eat anything that will get caught in your teeth. Avoid foods like salad, chocolates, and make sure your lipstick isn’t smudged on your teeth.

4.)   Girls, make sure you don’t wear a strapless shirt. You don’t want anyone thinking you don’t have anything on. For the guys, make sure not to wear any tank tops or undershirts.

5.)   Don’t go overboard on jewelry. Unnecessary jewelry can bring too much attention to other parts of your face or other parts.

6.)   Make sure to do a pre-face checkup before you take your picture. Don’t be afraid to ask the photographer if you look okay or if there is anything on you.

7.)   Don’t wear shirts that are the same color as your photo’s background.

8.)   Be wary of brand-named shirts, they might get cut off and turn into a bad message.

9.)   Don’t make any radical changes to your appearance the night before, you might not be pleased with the outcome in the morning.

10.) Don’t stress out! If you miss Picture Day or you’re not satisfied with your picture, there is a chance to get a retake!


1.)   Get a good nights rest so you avoid waking up with dark circles around your eyes.

2.)   Clear your face in the morning before you go to school. Cover up things on your face such as blemishes, dark spots, or black heads.

3.)   Check your check. If you’re paying by check, make sure it is made out to Dorian Studio and not ESD #15.

4.)   Lay your clothes out the night before! Figuring out what you want to wear the night before is always a good idea, to make sure you do laundry if necessary.

5.)   Iron out any wrinkles you have in your clothes!

6.)   Do plan your day accordingly! The pictures are during your English classes so time management can be your friend.

7.)   Do bring anything you can apply quickly such as mascara, chapstick, or eyeliner.

8.)   Practice your smile. A key to a good smile is pretending to laugh.

9.)   If you are looking to dress comfortably, don’t stress out. The camera only gets from your shoulders up, so you can dress comfortable from the waist down.

10.) Remember to consider all the photo options, there are many choices to choose from when deciding your price and size.