Cuplin’s journey in Japan continues


By Nick Fiorillo

Stephen Cuplin
Stephen Cuplin

Living in Sapporo, Japan, Hawkeye staff writer Stephen Cuplin is in month four of his year long exchange student program. Cuplin is currently in the process of changing host families, after unexpected circumstances arose.

In his latest blog entry on June 17, Cuplin wrote the following:

Things are still really shaken up for me, I haven’t moved yet, but I do know it will be soon. This is not to say I’ve been having an all bad time, such as yesterday I aced a few people in tennis (serving the ball with no return), and today we’re just having an excursion to a nearby park for a barbecue, instead of class. Its bittersweet, because of the move though. I still know very little about my new host family, other than that I have three siblings, and that they live in Minami-Ku, (the Largest and most heavily, densely populated district of Sapporo).

I apologize for the music, i’ll remove it when I can, lately I’ve only had two or three minutes to log on to tumblr, I’ve just been so pre-occupied with other things. It should be down shortly though, perhaps after school today I can do that.


You can read the rest of Cuplin’s blog at

The Hawkeye wishes Cuplin the best of luck during this transition. We cannot wait to see what adventures he embarks on next.

We will follow up on Cuplin and re-blog his writings regularly throughout the summer.