My life as an exchange student in Japan


As Cuplin entered the airport into Japan, his one year journey as an exchange student began.

By Stephen Cuplin

MTHS sophomore and writer for The Hawkeye Stephen  Cuplin has began a one year program as a exchange student in Japan. Cuplin is living in Sapporo, on Japan’s northern island. He is taking us along this incredible experience and will be updating the Hawkeye regularly. Below, Cuplin describes his first weeks of living in Japan.

First Week!

So much has happened in this first week of being in Japan, I already feel at home here, and like i’m part of my host family. I love it here, even just going to the store is an adventure (They even have a Bacon Section!). I’ve met my host mother’s sister, and my host grandparents, as well as my neighbors, and made a friend who is named Rino Fukui, who was kind enough to show me around Sapporo and how the bus and subway systems work here! (Whilst exploring this massive place I now call home, I found out that there are underground malls, I passed through two of them as we went around). I also visited my school, and met my teachers, who are all so very nice. I do have to wear a uniform, but that is something I was aware of before, and a small burden, if one at all, if it means I get to stay in Japan for a year, building memories and friendships to last a life time. My school was kind enough to purchase my uniform for me as a gift, (Thank you so much, if any staff member happens to be reading this) I just needed to be fitted, so the following day we went to Mitsukoshi to have that done. It turns out that I also needed a white under shirt, which the school didn’t pay for, which means either I, or my family would have to pay (Which is ok! No problems there!). However, It turns out that I didn’t have to, because the store gave it to me as a gift! I cannot believe how nice everyone is!

If for whatever reason you’re in Japan, and in need of dress clothes, make sure to stop by Mitsukoshi! It’s the least I can do to recommend them for their kindness to me, a complete stranger (:

Cuplin’s blog, where he will post regularly, can be found here. His blog is called “My foray to far away.”

The Hawkeye will continue to follow Cuplin on his amazing journey.