Return of daily advisory

By admin

Students agree that daily advisory would help out

By Amanda Radcliff
and Avi Morales
Guest writers

To many students and teachers, bringing advisory back in the everyday schedule seems like a great idea, but to others it seems useless. Most freshmen don’t know that advisory used to actually be an everyday occurrence instead of just a couple of times a month. Advisory used to happen everyday and was a chance for students to work on homework or class work and get extra help. Advisory also provided a place for students to talk about school-related issues. Having advisory everyday gave students and teachers a chance to bond, making students feel they could have a teacher they could always go to.
Many students said that a return to a consistent advisory would be a good thing. “Having advisory everyday was a great idea for getting extra help on schoolwork,” sophomore Alexa Jacky and freshman Hanah Joudi said.
A lot of students have after school activities, making it hard to finish schoolwork. If advisory was everyday “there would be no excuse to not have your homework done,” freshman Amanda Shartner said. However, some upperclassmen like junior Brandon Radcliff said having advisory everyday is just “a waste of time.” But on the plus side, freshman Chloe Sharpe said, “classes would be shorter everyday” in order to fit in advisory.
Some teachers said that they also think advisory everyday isn’t as relevant now since it used to be part of MTHS’s small schools where getting to know your advisory teachers well was more important.
Advisory should be back everyday because it would be a big help for whenever students need help on schoolwork and can’t come in before or after school. If students could get extra help then they could raise their grades increasing their chances of being successful in school. Overall, a majority of students said that they think having advisory back would be a great idea for helping with schoolwork, which could help students get their grades up. It’s understandable why teachers might think it’s a waste of time but if it will help students with academics, why not bring it back?