A super homecoming week (colored comic book)


Serafina Urrutia | Hawkeye Mascot Herky, senior cheer captain Audrey Halenbeck and Homecoming King Tye Esparza lead the Supersonic during the assembly on Oct. 5.

By Erick Yanzon

The seniors have been waiting for this moment for 4 years. The smell of teen spirit with a mix of pom poms and cheers is a good combination of Homecoming week.

ASB, the glue to this lively high school, came into an agreement on what the days would be for Homecoming Week. Starting off Thursday, Sept. 27, Jock and Jersey day began to bring the students together with showing their spirit for which sports teams they supported.

On Monday, October 1, students dressed in togas and sandals for Greek Day. The same night, the Homecoming Coronation Night occurred. Last year’s senior second princess Shawna Pung crowned this year’s Homecoming Royalty. The 2012 Homecoming King and Queen are seniors Tye Esparza and Taylor Arbuckle. AnhViet Nguyen and Grace Gil are the first prince and princess, and Bailey Bame and Sarah Pung as second prince and princess. The senior runners-up were Abby McDermott, Amanda Schnee, Erin Russell, Aidan Murray, Lucas Pope, and Blake Fernandez.

The juniors had Greg Bowman and Brittany Kinsella as their prince and princess. Joy Gardner, Sarah Smith, Wyatt Allemann, and Jack Pearce were the rest of the junior court.

The sophomore Prince and Princess were Nick Fiorillo and Laura Clinch. The class of 2015 runners-up were Gabe Fritz, Allison Lorraine, Ryan LaCasse, and Ali Hitchcock.

Gene An and Eve Largent were the 2012 freshman prince and princess. Liya Ewing, Gabrielle Martinez, Clark Daquil, and Miles Allen made it in to court.

Blood, bandages, and cries of broken bones brought the Hawks together for Fake Sports Injury Day on Tuesday, October 2. Ugly clothing filled the hallways of MTHS on Wednesday, October 3 for Would You Still Be My Friend If I Dressed Like This day.

Each class worked hard for their Homecoming Hallways. The poster paintings started on Sept. 17 and students stayed for eight hours on Sept. 30 to finish and put up the posters to make the MTHS halls beautiful.

Thursday, Oct.4, was class theme day. The freshman class of 2016 were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sophomores zoomed through the galaxy in a Star Wars theme. The juniors this year were the incredible Incredibles and finally, the seniors were the Justice League, here to bring forth the Hawks into victory against Meadowdale.

Finally, what all the Seniors have been waiting for since their freshman year. To be the loudest and the proudest; to be the sea of red, on class colors day and Homecoming Assembly on Friday, Oct. 5.

Students were waiting with anticipation outside of the gym doors, after 6th period, with the assembly starting on 12:20 p.m. The assembly was kicked off with spotlights roaming around the gymnasium and the National Anthem sang by junior Bryce Pingul.

The light show was performed by MTHS Cheer and Big Six, with glow-sticks shining bright, loud music, and cheers from the stands.

Following the light show, Stew welcomed the Football coach Tony Umayam. He introduced

The MTHS Pep Band performed with enthusiasm, and as a tradition, the spirit drum was beating for 24 hours before the kickoff. The band started the night before, Thursday, during Curriculum Night at 8 p.m.

Another tradition, the Cross Country team has carried the game ball from MTHS, and run it to Edmonds Stadium to present it to the referees during kickoff.

As the theme of the assembly, the football was missing, and the MTHS student body was in the mission to search for it.

Senior Nancy Nguyen and sophomore Jannon Roque were the Maverick antagonists, who hid the ball and took the king and queen away.

The Big Six were introduced as the Avengers, on a short video. President AnhViet Nguyen as Iron Man, vice president John Moore as Captain America, secretary Erin Keating as Thor, P.R. Lilianne Nguyen as Hulk, Treasurer Sydney White as Black Widow, and Historian Trung Banh as Hawkeye. Then, it was the much awaiting roll calls.

The Fall Activities Assembly was joint with the Homecoming Assembly. The first game was the Human Bowling, led by the freshman ASB and the Volleyball Captains.

Following the game, the Hip-hop team had the spotlights, with their blasting music and moves. The break dancers were incorporated in the end of their piece.

The next game’s goal was to throw the hula hoops over their partners which was participated by the sophomore Jedis and the soccer captains.

The traditional Ice Cream and Cake was played after.

The juniors’ game was to catch all the pickles the Tennis captains spit into their buckets. Then, it was followed by the cheer performance.

The seniors’ task was then to find puzzle pieces hidden in the bleachers with the help of the swim captains, and put together the map of where the football, the king, and queen are located.

After the game, the Tennis team performed the “Crank Dat” song by Soulja Boy. The soccer team danced to the beat of the song “Wop.” The very famous song “Oppa Gangnam Style” was performed by the volleyball team.

The football was finally found, and thanks to the superheroes who helped out. The football team gathered on the center again, and shouted the Homecoming kickoff, “I believe that we will win!”

To test out the spirit of each class, Stew added an activity where the ball was passed from the front to back, and as students touch the ball, they will have to stand up. Then, the last person at the end of the bleachers will then, have to give it back, and students will have to sit down this time. The juniors finished first, but disqualified, having the senior class won.

The last, but definitely not the least part of the assembly was the Super Sonic with the cheerleaders and Homecoming Royalty. The senior and sophomores “turned their backs” while the juniors and freshmen was about to begin the supersonic. Stew stopped the music and told everyone that “we’re one school, and we don’t turn our backs to each other,” and replayed the music.

With the heartbreaking 17-14 against the Meadowdale Mavericks, students were still proud of the team by doing their best, and having the 3rd team in the state stay on a 14-14 tie during half time for majority of the second half, and having the three point score to the Mavs, on the last six seconds of the match.

The Homecoming Dance was on Saturday night in the HUB, with the theme “A Night in the Sky.” The school policy “If you bend, the dance will end,” was still followed. A big group of students were caught by Stew, and were asked to stop dancing. Most of the students left with half an hour still left in the dance. Though, a lot of students said that the music and DJ was better this year.

Even though, there were mixed opinions about this year’s Homecoming, this is the special time of the year where the whole MTHS student body gets together as one and show their most school spirit.