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The student news site of Mountlake Terrace High School in Mountlake Terrace, Washington.

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Terrace hosts STEM night

©HAWKEYE image credit: Kaylee Miyamoto
Chemistry teacher John Traxler presenting an explosive experiment. This experiment can also be seen in the MTHS Lip Sync video from 2018.

It has been 2 years since Edmonds School District came back in person from online learning, and with that disrupted the community building so crucial to many programs. As STEM enters back into another year looking to more competitions and their seniors look at research projects before finally saying goodbye, one of the most crucial things is to make sure the programs will continue to thrive looking at future generations of students who will grow and make an impact. 

This past summer, the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program had gathered many of their members to run a summer camp allowing 5th and 6th graders to explore STEM hands-on. All student-ran, highschool mentors lead groups of elementary school students in various activities relating to engineering, biotech, and more. 

The STEM Barbecue has come back from pre-covid Terrace inviting STEM students and their families to Terrace to cover the impact STEM has had on current and graduated students, not to mention the opportunities and experience that come from the clubs as well. 

Teachers spoke about their experience in the industries that lead them to teaching STEM, while upperclassmen spoke about the opportunities and experiences that came from competing and being a part of Terrace’s STEM community. 

STEM leadership, composed of many of STEM club’s leaders and impactful members, has been carrying on the planning for many of these events and will continue to reach out throughout the ESD to families and students about the impact of Terrace’s STEM program, which isn’t just through going to the school. 

STEM leadership will also be reaching out to younger generations through Terrace Park Elementary’s Hi-Cap (Highly Capable Program), as well as inviting 8th grade families over to Terrace to listen to students and teachers speak on the impact of STEM at Terrace. 

Clubs have also been gaining numbers, hoping to carry on the legacy of winning competitions and having the opportunities open for future generations to come. Many alumni also came to visit Terrace again to see and mentor clubs as they continue to grow and prepare for competition. 

Some students that participate aren’t registered as Terrace students yet come to Terrace for a club that may not exist at their school, so only at MTHS they can participate and compete, not to mention gain a community in that experience. 

After COVID, the community in general has had a disconnect with students. With these events and future ones, STEM leadership hopes to restore the community and build it back to what it may have been before, if not better. 

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Budget cuts too have seemingly had an impact on the outreach hoping to reinsate how important this program is to Terrace and the district.

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