Terrace’s timeless holiday traditions

By Dewey Jones, Hawkeye Staff

Every time the ingredients for the Christmas cookies get taken out, or the presents are piled under the tree, it summons a feeling of unrivaled joy. It’s always such a special moment to see the house, the front yard and the kitchen dressed up in decorations and lights. The build-up to the holidays is always special, but we all know that the true best part of the holidays is waking up in the morning, going out to the tree, and opening all of your presents with your family.

Now, these are some common traditions for the holidays, but people have different and unique things that  their families do during winter time.

“Advent calendars, Christmas decorating around the house and the tree, and building gingerbread houses,” freshman Skyler MacKay said.

Food is another focal point that brings people together around this time of year.

“On Christmas Eve, we have this giant Polish dinner, and then we wake up and just have the normal Christmas experience,” Freshman Marisha Mcclanathan said.

But a lot of holiday cheer arrives when spending time with others. 

“Christmas dinner is the big one, because everyone just goes all out,” senior Rhett Crowell said. 

“Christmas parties with our family and friends, and the light festival at the baseball field. I also like walking around U-Village.”

After a filling meal, it’s perfect to end off the night with a warm, homemade dessert.

“Baking cookies and decorating the tree [are favorites] for sure,” Kayley Lewis said.

With all of these fun traditions, the real meaning of the holiday season is getting to spend time with your friends and family, giving to each other, and just appreciating each other. Getting to bake cookies with your relatives, showing off your house decorations to your neighbors, and decorating the tree with all of your favorite ornaments bring an innate positivity to the holidays.