AnhViet Nguyen Column Issue 3

By AnhViet Nguyen

It was only a few short weeks ago that Big 6 started planning for Homecoming. All of us thought it was going to be an exciting time and it definitely blew away our expectations.

I hope everyone had a memorable Homecoming experience because I know I had a great one. I don’t know about you, but I am still replaying those special moments in my head. Thank you to students and staff for your positive spirit, participation, and encouragement over the past few weeks. That’s what Homecoming is about and hopefully we can carry that energy throughout the year.

I would be amiss if Stew, Nadine and the ASB kids and advisors did not get the recognition that they deserve. Stew and Nadine have put in countless hours helping put on the Homecoming festivities. When you get the chance, thank them for the work they have done. To all of the ASB kids out there, I know how difficult it is to balance all of the things in your hectic life, especially with Homecoming in the mix. You did a fantastic job this year and you should be proud of yourselves.

Parents, thank you for helping chaperone at the dance. Your support is always greatly appreciated.

Although the past couple of weeks were amazing and spectacular, there are still things that we can improve on as a school. There is no reason why candy should be flying from the bleachers onto the gymnasium floor during the middle of an assembly. It is plain disrespectful when one of your fellow peers is interrupted during the middle of a performance that they spent hours preparing for. Also, the booing of the freshmen at the assembly? That is not necessary.

Do what is right, when it is right, because it is right. No excuses.

Even though Homecoming is over, there are still lots of events in November. There is the Veterans’ Day Tribute Assembly, Macho Volleyball, Jam Session, the canned food drive PPP, and more. Yes, it’s going to be another eventful month.

As we head into the chilly winter months, please remember that it is also a time of need for many people. Times are tough and have impacted numerous families in the community. We need to keep that in mind and continue to be caring and respectful towards those around us.

The canned food drive is coming up shortly and it is a chance for our school to give back to the community. A chance to show that we care about those around us. A chance to care for others.

I saw the excitement during Homecoming. If we had that same enthusiasm and excitement for events such as the canned food drive, it would be one heck of a school year.

Lastly, if you have any comments, questions or concerns, feel free to talk to anyone of us in ASB. Or leave us a note on Facebook or on our Big 6 office door.