AnhViet Nguyen Column Issue 2

By AnhViet Nguyen


One month down and nine more to go. I do have to admit that it has been a pretty smooth start to the school year.

First, I hoped you all enjoyed listening to Stu Cabe speak as much as I did. I think he helped bring attention to the importance of doing the right thing and how it affects the school climate. Each one of us has the responsibility to contribute to the school in a positive way. Don’t look at your neighbor and expect them to take action; take it upon yourself to make a change in the school atmosphere.

Second, ASB has had a lot going on. Shortly after the year began, we welcomed the newly elected freshman class officers. A couple of weeks ago, we had our retreat, and I can honestly tell you that this year’s ASB members are amazing people who deeply care about the school. But we have some events coming up that you should circle on your calendars. The fall activities assembly is this Friday, Oct. 7 and remember to wear your class colors.

Alright, here is the announcement you’ve been waiting to hear (if you have not already heard): this year’s homecoming theme is Road Trip. Seniors are Las Vegas, Juniors are New Orleans, Sophomores are California, and Freshmen are Texas. If you don’t know how to dress up for those themes, don’t worry. We’ll have a fashion show later on this month highlighting the various themes. As of now, spirit days have not yet been decided, and we are still taking suggestions. There are many other events happening that week such as coronation, the assembly, the football game, and the dance, but we’ll let you know more about those things as homecoming week approaches.

These types of events are a lot of work and require a lot of involvement from a lot of people. During homecoming week, be spirited and energetic, and also be supportive of each other and caring for each other. It’s going to be a lot of fun for everybody.

I also encourage you to get involved in activities and clubs if you have not already done so. Some clubs have just started up, and it’s the perfect opportunity to try something new.

That’s all I have for now until HBN is up and running. There will be video announcements from Big 6, and we will let you know what we are up to. If you have any questions or comments, never hesitate to do share them with us.

In the meantime, be the big elephant. Be nice.