October news update


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Students stand against climate change

In 2018, 15-year-old Greta Thunberg sparked an international climate change movement that began with a protest outside of the Swedish parliament. Now 16, Thunberg has inspired students to participate in school climate strike movements in their own communities. Since her rise to fame, Thunberg has wasted no time traveling around the world to spread the message that climate change is something that people cannot ignore, concluding with, “I want you to act as if our house is on fire.” To drive her point home, Thunberg recently embarked on a 15-day journey across the Atlantic Ocean to New York City on a zero-emission yacht. Thunberg continues to speak at conferences to solicit action from the government and the community, including her recent appearance at the United Nations General Assembly.

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Fears of economic recession mount

The chances that the nation and the whole world will face recession have drastically increased over the past few months. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the second-oldest American market index, has been in decline since December of last year, but it has been recovering since, although a few times it has dipped back below the support line. Now, the Dow is falling seriously below the support line and many investors are being advised to sell. When stock values fall below the support line, they become far more likely to continue to decline in value than to “bounce” back. The Dow has dropped almost 500 points since the opening of the markets on October 2. 


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U.S. deploys troops, missiles to Saudi Arabia

The United States Military is sending roughly 200 troops, a surface-to-air missile battery and several advanced radars to Saudi Arabia. This comes from a statement released by the Pentagon on September 26 after hearing about the well-orchestrated attacks on a Saudi oil refinery earlier in September, which the American and Saudi Officials blamed on Iran. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called those attacks “An act of war.” Also, a statement released by Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said the purpose of the aid is to “augment the kingdom’s air and missile defense of critical military and civilian infrastructure.” Finally, the Saudi Military has spent more than $150 million in purchasing advanced American military equipment.


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Washington reduces vaccination exemptions

Throughout 2019, the amount of measles cases was unusually high in Washington state. Two statewide outbreaks, in January and May, have caused 86 cases so far, the highest number in the state since 1990. To tackle the disease’s wildfire-like spread, a new law was put into effect on July 28 disallowing MMR vaccine exemptions for personal and philosophical beliefs and requiring that all students and teachers have the vaccine unless exempted for medical or religious reasons. Students without immunization documents will soon be barred from attending class, sparking concerns for noncompliant families.

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The end of “The King’s” reign

Baseball pitching legend Felix “The King” Hernandez played his final game on Thursday, Sept. 26 at T-Mobile Park against the Oakland Athletics. The emotional Seattle Mariners game featured Hernandez pitching his last game as a Mariner after a strong 15 year career. Debuting in the MLB in 2005, Hernandez started his career off with the Mariners and has stayed with the team ever since. Due to his outstanding pitching skills, he’s a six-time All-Star, received a Cy Young award, was an MLB wins leaders and is a two-time Al ERA leader, according to MLB News. After striking out three batters and saluting fans in the King’s Court -his personal rooting section in the park- after each one, Herandez ended his career with the Mariners after the sixth inning.