Dressing to the booty bumpin’ music

By admin

The music industry is a leviathan of booty bumpin’ beats slithering though the populace waters of the world consuming the minds of meek individuals. Rap being the dominating music of the day creates a desired “look” modeled after moguls such as Lil Wayne, and Gucci Mane. These moguls strut their stuff in pants that fall far bellow their waist exposing an area no one except a significant other should be seeing and burning the eyes of most of the population.

Not only is this “look” unattractive, as well as its “extra friendly” meaning it possesses in the prison scenes, but it completely defeats the meaning of pants. Pants are clothing for the lower half and when you wear the waist of those pants around your knees, there is absolutely no point in possessing a pair.

This is what the music scene of America has become, entire populations following clothing trends without ever realizing their meaning.

Hopefully these sheep do not end up in jail where they will truly understand the meaning of the trend.

Though clothing trends evolve and one day pants that no longer perform their purpose may not relate to a prison reference, there is a trend that will not change meaning in the eyes of countless. It is very frightening to see a nation evolve from top buttoned sweaters and absolutely no visible ankle to rap videos viewed all over the world any hour of the day reveling sections of women, that if revealed in a movie, would be rated R times five.

The music industry has created a culture something similar to crack. We, the majority of the public, are addicts.

We love the beats fashioned from this booty bumpin’ monster, so we forgive those who degrade women and those who allow themselves to become minions to this power hungry villain, because we can not forgive ourselves to retaliate and disgrace those who give us this music we find so pleasurable.