Last Goodwill Donation Drive of the school year

By Nolan DeGarlais, Hawkeye Staff

The MTHS Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) will be hosting their third and final Goodwill Donation Drive of the school year on Saturday, May 13 in the upper parking lot of MTHS. Students and their families can bring in donations such as clothes and other household items on Saturday that will be donated to Goodwill.

Fines Manager Sandy Merten is the chairperson in charge of managing the Goodwill Donation Drive for the PTSA. Merten offered some advice for people who wish to bring in donations for Goodwill during Saturday’s donation drive.

“People generally donate things from their house and garage that they don’t use anymore. However, they don’t take mattresses and they don’t take things that are broken,” Merten said.

The PTSA has been conducting Goodwill Donation Drives three times a year for the past four years. The donation drives are conducted as a way for the PTSA to give back to the community outside of school.

On average, each donation drive brings in about $1000 to $1250 worth of donations for Goodwill. The PTSA expects to generate a similar number of donations with this donation drive.

MTHS was the first school in the area to conduct donation drives for Goodwill and has since helped other schools, such as Brier Terrace Middle School begin their own donation drives.

“Since we were the first school in the area to have these donation drives we shared the information about how to operate them with other local schools so that they could have their own as well,” Merten said.