Classroom distractions


By Hawkeye Staff

Ira Wahlmeier | HAWKEYE

Texting being  banned from use while class is in session makes perfect sense. Since it can be a major distraction and completely divert your attention from the teacher, it doesn’t seem like there should be a reason to allow it during class. Of course, texting is voluntary.

Those that wish to text should be able to text and receive the grades that they earn and work for. Those that do not wish to text will not, and will also get the grades that they earn and work for. It seems incredibly improbable that allowing texting would make the grades drop for those who do not try anyway.

Nobody can control whether or not a student wishes to succeed in school, so it wouldn’t matter if a student that doesn’t care decides to start texting in class since they aren’t going to succeed in the first place.

I’m not saying “let’s encourage students to fail” in any way. I’m simply saying we need to stop forcing kids to focus on one thing without incredibly minor distractions.

I’m definitely hoping that teachers don’t think that we don’t text while doing our homework. I’m also hoping that teachers know that students talk in class already.

I know that I can pay attention in class as well as retain information while texting or talking. I also know that I am not the same as the other 1,400 students who go to Mountlake Terrace High School, and there are definitely students who cannot learn with minor distractions.

Still, those students are in no way required to text. No student is, and at this point no student is allowed to.