The busiest time of the year

The month of October has been a hectic one. I’ll start with a bunch of “thank you’s” to the people who dedicated and sacrificed their time in order to make sure that Homecoming, the chaotic event that it is, was successful.

Thank you to the people who stayed after school for hours on end in order to paint posters and make sure that your hallway ended up looking beautiful.

Thank you to the people that aren’t in ASB who still chose to come and help out.

Thank you to the people who came in before the events and helped to set them up.

Thank you to the people who stayed after each event and cleaned up and made sure the place looked spotless.

Lastly, thank you to the adults who cared so much about the kids and the tradition that is Homecoming that they would come in and give up their time on the weekend in order to help us make it happen.

Homecoming has been a tradition held at this school for more than 50 years. It is a time when the students of the past and the students of the present can come together and celebrate the community that is Mountlake Terrace.

October was also hectic for a different reason.

On a serious note, Mountlake Terrace High School, as many people know, suffered a huge loss last month.

We are a community. As Principal Greg Schwab said, every single individual in this community offers something and that is what makes Mountlake Terrace special.

Our hearts and our prayers will continually go out to the Tan family and Kendra will forever live in our memory.

Rest in peace, Kandra.