Umayam steps down as head football coach


Jack Fiorillo

Former Hawks football head coach Tony Umayam directs his players while at Edmonds Stadium. Umayam has coached at MTHS for over a decade.

After coaching the Hawks football team for over a decade, Tony Umayam has officially stepped down from the head football coach position, according to principal Greg Schwab.

Umayam is stepping down, according to Schwab, because his work is getting more demanding and he also wishes to focus more on time with his family.

Umayam and his influence on MTHS not only as a coach but as a former Hawk, who was an all-league defensive back, will be greatly missed. In the 2005 season the MTHS football team had not had a winning season in 19 straight years, this era of losing was ended by Umayam.

Umayam brought not only winning records but playoff berths too. In 2009 Umayam led the Hawks to their first ever playoff game. Even more impressive was last year’s season, his last season here. The Hawks won their first ever playoff game and had the best record in school history.

With the end of the Umayam era comes additional changes as well. Assistant head coach Mike Yalowicki is also looking for some change. Yalowicki is looking at a head coach position, according to Schwab, possibly in the Shoreline area.

Currently, the position is vacant and is in the long process of being filled. As of now applications are being accepted to fill this void.

Freshman head coach Kelly Dougan has applied, according to Schwab. Dougan, who grew up on Mountlake Terrace, is a local business owner in Mountlake Terrace, and who has been the president of MTYAA junior football for over 15 years, could be the face of a new era of Hawks football.