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Practical tips and DIY remedies for acne

Practical tips and DIY remedies for acne

By Olivia Driscoll

October 23, 2013

Let's face it, acne affects us all. PRACTICAL TIPS Let’s admit it, we all struggle with acne at times. Everyone deals with breakouts differently, but to treat them correctly and effectively, it’s best to know what causes acne and what type of skin and acne you have. Acne is caused when hair follicles clog with dirt or oil. Different types of skin can effect the se...

Hot tools can create a hot mess

<u>Erika Fisher | Hawkeye</u>

By Maria Balcita, Social Media Manager

September 16, 2013

Many girls never seem to be happy with the type of hair they have. Those who have curly hair want straight hair and vise versa. We are able to achieve different hairstyles with heat tools. Unfortunately, heat tools can’t be used without damaging hair. From curly to straight, wavy or straight, there...

Guide for finals preparation

Math teacher Spencer Stiglets (right) helps a student after school about a math problem.

By Erick Yanzon

January 19, 2013

First semester finals are coming up, and many students have different strategies to review for the test. Finals do take a lot of studying, but there are ways to spend your time efficiently, and not cram everything at the last minute. Some people try to motivate themselves when studying. Sopho...

More Ways to Pay for College

More Ways to Pay for College

By Ruth Reeber

March 21, 2008

Hypothetical Bob is back, and this time he’s received his acceptance letter from his first choice school! Unfortunately, he was a bit lazy and forgetful and didn’t apply for many scholarships, and won’t be getting much financial aid from the government. What now? Well, Bob still has quite a few...

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