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2017-2018 Staff

Rackeb Kelemu


Rackeb Kelemu is a junior at MTHS and a staff writer for the Hawkeye. Her job entails writing about articles that matter. This is her first year in Hawkeye and hopes to keep expanding her skills through time and practice. Outside...

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Andy Nguyen


Andy Nguyen is a junior at MTHS and is a first year staff member in Hawkeye. He is a photographer and a part of the business team. Outside of Hawkeye, Nguyen is a member of Link Crew and Key Club. He also loves and appreciates...

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Tommy Tran


Tommy Tran is a freshman at MTHS and a photographer for Hawkeye. He joined Hawkeye without knowing what he wanted to do, but later found out a passion for photography and sports writing. When he isn't busy with Hawkeye, he likes...

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Ben Hawkins


This is Freshman Benjamin Hawkins’ first year in Hawkeye. He will be working with people to make podcasts more entertaining and interesting. Outside of school, Hawkins codes, spends time with Family and loves Dunder Mifflin.

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Trinity Alber


Trinity Alber is in her first year of Hawkeye as a freshman, working as a writer and graphics artist. She hopes to write articles and do graphics that cover a wide variety of topics. Outside of school Trinity is a musician and...

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Lexi Dellinger


Alexia Dellinger, a first year staff member and sophomore. She is indecisive, yet passionate and willing to try anything and everything. She is avid when it comes to politics, music and art. Her goal for the organization is to...

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Erin Martino


Erin Martino, a freshman at MTHS, is a Hawkeye staff photographer and videographer. She is excited to contribute to the newspaper, seasonal sports videos and other media this year. When she is not participating in Hawkeye, Erin ...

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Emma Holbrook


Joining for her first year, Junior Emma Holbrook is a graphic artist for the Hawkeye. She joined due to her love for art and desire to improve her drawing skills. In the Hawkeye, she is able to work with new people and create...

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Annabeth Woodward


Annabeth Woodard, a freshman and first year staff member, works in the graphics and photography departments. She enjoys taking pictures of other people and drawing basically anything.

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Jake Paulsene


Jake Paulsene is a Junior at MTHS and a photographer with a passion. While he primarily covers sports, he is interested in all facets of photography - those being art, portraits, etc. Through Hawkeye, he plans to expand his photography...

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Charlotte King


Charlotte King is a freshman at MTHS. She mainly focuses on photography, but also films, directs, edits and produces videos. Outside of school, she enjoys drawing, making short films, taking photos and skating.

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Tori Henry


Tori Henry is a freshman and first year Hawkeye staff member. She does mainly photography, but has an eye for graphics. She would like to pursue a future in photojournalism, maybe even graphic art. When she’s not in Hawkeye,...

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Meghan Park


Meghan Park is a sophomore at Terrace, returning for her second year of Hawkeye as a staff writer and photographer. She is also involved in other clubs such as TSA, Writing Club and others. She is also in the STEM pathway of biotechnology.

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Jonathan Kwong


Jonathan Kwong is a sophomore at MTHS and a photographer, designer and writer for the Hawkeye. His objective is to relay information to MTHS students and help them be more familiarized with their school. He is the ASB Treasurer...

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Nolan DeGarlais

News Editor

Nolan DeGarlais is in his sophomore year and it is his second year as a member of the Hawkeye. His current position is News Editor, which primarily involves the writing and editing of news stories for the Hawkeye. This year, Nolan...

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Teresa Bonilla


Teresa Bonilla is a sophomore at MTHS and a staff reporter who focuses on producing podcasts that are published on the Hawkeye’s Soundcloud account. One of Bonilla’s main focuses in Hawkeye is TMI, a podcast she co-hosts ...

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Nhung Lam


Nhung Lam, a sophomore and second-year staff at the Hawkeye started her Journalism career at Brier Terrace Middle School’s The Bulldog Brief. In Hawkeye, she enjoys covering sports in photography and writing about things that...

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Ciara Laney


Sophomore Ciara Laney is enduring her second year of Hawkeye. Last year, she discovered a passion for photojournalism and earned an excellent award at the National High School Journalism Convention in the spring of 2017 under...

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Samantha Svikel


Returning for her third year on staff, Samantha Svickel is interested in pursuing a career in journalism. She is dedicated to writing feature articles for Hawkeye and TEMPO and improving the organization as well.

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Jacob Allard

Photo Co-Editor

Senior Jacob Allard, is a third year staff member at the Hawkeye with a knack for photography, and has interests in pursuing it as a career in the future. He is well rounded in photography, taking different types of photos inclu...

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Sarah Davis

Sports Co-Editor

Sarah Davis is a junior at MTHS, and this is her second year on staff. She is the Sports Co-Editor this year and her main focus is to work with the other Sports Co-Editor, Kennedy Cooper, to get the most wide range of sports coverage...

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Kennedy Cooper

Sports Co-Editor

Kennedy Cooper, a junior and a second year staff member, is the Sports Co-Editor for the Hawkeye. This year she hopes to accurately and efficiently cover all sports available at MTHS. Outside of the organization, she plays select...

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Yannie Tran


Yannie Tran is a senior staff member of the Hawkeye. She designs issues for the paper. A goal of hers is to advance her skills in InDesign and find ways to make the issue more aesthetically pleasing. ...

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Sam Johnson

Data and Online Manager

Returning for his third year in the Hawkeye, senior Sam Johnson is the Data Manager for the Hawkeye. He hopes to continue to improve the way people see and interpret data and innovate Hawkeye’s use of Tableau to make interactive...

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Vivian Nowka-Keane


Vivian Nowka-Keane has been a member of the Hawkeye since her freshman year. She joined because of her passion for writing but discovered photography as well as the complexities of online journalism. After being Online Manager,...

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Annika Prom

Lifestyle Editor

Annika Prom is the Lifestyle Editor of the Hawkeye and a sophomore at MTHS. She joined the Hawkeye to further explore her love for getting to know people along with the ability to capture that in writing. She hopes to inspi...

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Marianne Nacanaynay

Op/Ed Editor

Marianne Nacanaynay is a junior in her third year of Hawkeye as the Op-Ed Editor. She also works on the yearbook, Tempo, and is the co-host and co-producer of a podcast called TMI with staff reporter Teresa Bonilla. Outside of...

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Sierra Clark


Sierra Clark, a junior and third year staff member, is the Co-Editor-in-Chief for the Hawkeye. Her job includes managing the Hawkeye as an organization, writing and editing articles, brainstorming ideas to further develop Hawkeye,...

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